When Tatkal railway tickets can be booked ? How much extra for Tatkal tickets ?

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Class of Travel Minimum Tatkal Charges Maximum Tatkal Charges
                                                               (In Rs.)   (In Rs.)
Second(sitting)                                    10:00      15:00
Sleeper                                                 75:00     150:00
AC Chair Car                                       75:00     150:00
AC 3 Tier                                            200:00    300:00
AC 2 Tier                                            200:00    300:00
Executive                                            200:00     300:00
Tatkal e-ticketcan be booked for selected trains one day in advance upto chart preparation. e-tickets  can be booked  on  the opening day from 8.00 am onwards.e.g., If  today is 1st august,2nd August will be the opening day.  Ticket booking starts from 8 AM for the opening day.
Note:Tatkal I-ticket are not allowed to be booked on our site.
Please check the availability for Tatkal Quota before booking.
No concession is allowed in Tatkal booking.This restriction applies to Sr. citizen concession also.
Modification of ticket in any form is not permitted in Tatkal ticket.
No refund will be granted on cancellation of confirmed Tatkal tickets. For contingent cancellation & waitlisted Tatkal ticket cancellations, charges will be deducted as per existing Railway rules. Partial cancellation of Tatkal e-tickets is allowed but at least one passenger with ID card printed on ERS/VRM should not be cancelled. On cancellation of all the passengers whose ID card details is printed on ERS/VRM, all the passengers on that e-ticket will be cancelled.One must carry ID proof in Original used to Book Tatkal or else your Tatkal will be invalid


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