Using mobile while driving may cost you Driving license | DL to be cancelled for Mobile usage during driving

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It is a very good move by the department on mobile usage. In this traffic city where in full attention is needed for driving but many of the driver including many car owner driving vehicle which also includes 2 wheeler’s drivers as well might be using mobile phone without worrying about cops and life of the other vehicles on road.
The traffic police have decided to launch a crackdown on those driving vehicles while speaking on cellphone.The police have strengthened the vigil.Video footage is enabling us to record more such cases.It can be used as evidence for suspension.We have 187 traffic surveillance cameras across the city, additional commissioner for traffic M A Saleem said.
Rule 21 of Central Motor Vehicles Rules,1989 clearly outlines offences for which the licence can be suspended.
As per the rule  For the purpose of clause (f) of subsection (1) of section 19,the commission of the following acts by holder of a driving license shall constitute nuisance or danger to the public.Among the 25 reasons cited,one of them is using a mobile phone while driving.According to Saleem,unlike other cases,this process would be faster.If we find a person who has violated the law thrice,well send the licence to the RTO and a recommendation of suspension for six months.
Beware the next time you have a cellphone conversation while driving.Traffic police will recommend the suspension of your licence if youre caught thrice for the same offence.Police are making use of Rule 21 of the Motor Vehicle Rules of 1989,which allow a police officer to make such a recommendation to the transport department.

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