Call Centre for Citizen Facilitation and Grievance Redressal in Madhya Pradesh

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Call Centre for Citizen Facilitation and Grievance Redressal in Madhya Pradesh:
Tele Samadhan, Madhya Pradesh
Tele Samadhan – Call Centre for Citizen Facilitation and Grievance Redressal is an initiative of Government of Madhya Pradesh. The state government has started a unique mobile, and phone technology based Tele Samadhan Service for the benefit of registering complaints of common man and their redressal. The Government has provided a single toll free help line number 158343 to the citizen for any public service rendered by the State Government or its entities across the State. The Tele Samadhan informs the complaint number and information about redressal of the complaint by way of SMS or by phone. In total, the system works between the common man to Tele Samadhan, Tele Samadhan to the Department, Department to Tele Samadhan and Tele Samadhan to the complainant.
Once the grievance is registered there is a robust system of monitoring the redressal and a system of escalation if the complaint is not redressed in the given time limit. At present 17 departments are connected with the facility. The departments connected with the systems can access the database through the website. A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is integrated with the database. The complainant can also check the status of their complaint at the website. If the problem is not solved, information about taking up the matter again will be informed through SMS or by phone to the complainant.
Till date the system has received around 9.2 lakhs calls and 92% of the grievances have been redressed. The departments have also got an opportunity to see a dashboard view of the activities of the department and the perception of the citizen about their services. The application has brought higher level of transparency and accountability to the functioning of all departments. The state Government recently extended this facility to the Complaints concerning to police department and it can be made on toll-free number 155343 through ‘tele-samadhan kendra’. Information about emergency incident apart from complaints related to police can also be given on this toll-free number 155343.
Tele Samadhan scheme has received many prestigious awards like South Asia M Billionth Award, National e-governance Award 2011, etc. It is implemented by Madhya Pradesh State Electronic Development Corporation and Department of Information Technology, Government of Madhya Pradesh. Aimed at providing quality services to people through creative use of information technology, the Tele Samachan scheme intends to seek prompt and positive solutions to public grievances. This would save a lot of time while ensuring efficient disposal of complaints. A special cell has been set up at the main entrance of Mantralaya by the Department of Public Grievances Redressal.
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