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You stand on the road and keep on asking the passing autos for a ride to your destination – if it’s not your day, the autos will not even bother to stop; if you’re a bit lucky they might actually slow down to hear your destination’s name and think for a second( i always wonder if they are calculating their net profit) and then speed away. However if you are more lucky, the auto guy might actually quote you an exorbitant price and then speed away. But if it’s your extremely lucky hour of the day, you might end up getting an auto which is ready to take you to the destination at meter price.
This search took me to the Koramangala RTO office (BDA complex) and to my surprise i found that there did exist a government system which i believe 99.99% of Bengaluru is unaware of !! 
The System Note the vehicle number (KA-XX-YY-ZZZZ) and email the details to Based on the prefix XX (for example KA-01),complaint will be sent to one of the ten RTO offices in Bangalore and adjacent taluk areas.Alternatively, one can also call these offices at the number given below based on the vehicle number prefix and directly lodge a complaint.


Vehicle Prefix (KA-XX) Bangalore location Phone number
KA-01 Koramangala 080-25533525
KA-02 Rajajinagar 080-23324104
KA-03 Indiranagar 080-25254310
KA-04 Yeshwantpur 080-23376039
KA-05 Jayanagar 080-26630989
KA-41 Gyanabharthi 080-28602833
KA-50 Yelahanka 080-28561366
KA-51 Electronic City 080-25735522
KA-52 NeelaMangala 08234-285598
KA-53 KR Puram 080-25617951
Once the complaint is received at the corresponding office, a notice is issued to the address of the vehicle’s registered owner, requiring him/her to turn up at the RTO office within 7 working days. Every RTO
has about 10 IMV’s (Inspector of Motor Vehicles) who seize the vehicles which don’t report to the RTO.
The penalty levied from the auto-waalas is rs.100 under section 200.The various offences among others for which one can lodge a complaint
Refusal to come to destination (Any destination!!!)
Demanding excess fare
Using rough language
Cheat the public, for e.g. taking longer routes.
Faulty Meter
There is also a helpline number – 080-22353785 available Monday –Saturday from 10:00 am – 5:30 pm on which one can call to lodge complaints.
The numbers speak for itself
I was shocked when I found that the Koramangala RTO office received only 5 complaints a month. With over 1,00,000 autos plying on Bangalore roads, shouldn’t it be like 5 complaints a minute?
What’s wrong with the system?
Lack of Awareness among the Bangalore citizens The system is inefficient in data gathering- emails or phone calls cannot be stored and processed properly, leading to ineffective use of these complaint data.
Converting these complaints into notices issued to vehicle owners is still a manual process Limited government officials to handle So, will our impatience always have to take a backseat? Can something be done to improve/compliment the system to make it more effective? Will we get a better platform to raise our voices democratically? Unless each of us understand and contribute, we cannot expect the system to change!!!
Information as received from Mail published in public interest.

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  1. This is all bulls##t. I called up the numbers and both the numbers I called refused to take an online complaint. It appears the un-willing police force which is only good for taking bribes has found a new way to escape work and make money – they want you to come down to the RTO and register a written complain. What crap! If you have been victimised by one of the good for nothing auto drivers in Koramangala who was registered in K R Puram, you have to go all the way to lodge a complaint?

    Its the cops way of saying, pay them what they want or shell out double the amount to act against them and pay us instead.

  2. Here is solution for your above problem…

    Harassed by an auto driver Helplines give you no relief Heres the peoples way to help you out.Just report your issue online,call or even SMS sitting in a noisy restaurant,and be heard.

    Right from drivers with no proper identity cards,to those refusing to ply or those who attempt sexual assault enroute,you can report them all to a team of volunteers who manage a complaint book 24×7.

    There is also a map online,where you can pinpoint the exact place,time and even upload videos or photographs taken on the spot.

    This complaint management system,recently launched by Kiirti (part of the Centre for Internet and Society) is an attempt to help tackle the cases of auto menace in the city.Its quite like the Fix My Street initiative of the West.This is for the people and maintained by the people.What makes it different from the existing helpline mechanism in Bangalore is that there is better transparency and more options given to people on how they can file their complaint 24×7, explains Sudha Nair,project community manager for Kiirti in India.All the complaints received will be scrutinised and verified by a backend support team of volunteers and then sent across to the department concerned for action.Besides,the complainant will be able to check the status of the complaint.Recently,in The Times of India,we read about the sad state of the official helplines provided by the transport department.There is no transparency in it nor is it available all the time,so we decided to launch this system.We are only working as a catalyst.The portal can also be effectively used by various RWAs to help check the problem in their area, Sudha added.Various NGOs like Janaagraha,Environment Support Group,Public Affairs Centre and Childrens Movement for Civic Action have also come forward to support this initiative.

    Kiirti, in Sanskrit, means report or reputation.

    It is a platform to enable effective governance by promoting awareness and citizen engagement. It allows government, non-government and civic organizations to engage with citizens easily through phone, sms, email, and the web

    Call : 05123026888

    text message from your mobile : kiirti(message) to 56677

    email :

    Reason may be:

    Driver asking for more fare

    Refusal to ply to destination

    Sexual assault

    Driver ID not displayed

    Taking longer route

    Source: Times of india

  3. The Jayanagar number I dialled and says out of order !! This should be the reason for 5 complaints for a month. Also not sure how those complaints reached ? 🙁

  4. all this system is flawed,
    the right system would be when auto meters have printed receipts which acts as the proof that he has a faulty meter and we are able to have proper working phone numbers to complaint and websites to complaint which are regularly

  5. hey guys hope this helps u
    it seems that u get complaint receipts in the police station so that u can complaint and as soon as they see u writing in that auto drivers will get scared try it out
    whether those complaints are read or not at least those guys are afraid of something from commuters

  6. I am writing you regarding harassment by an auto driver last night. We boarded the auto from MG road at almost 10:00 clock the auto guys started quoting 200 and 180 and the works from MG Road to HBR Layout near the Nagavara K.E.B. office. The fare we pay usually with the hiked meter reading is about 85-90 rs. We insisted on paying him Rs 150 which is 1.5 times the meter fare and he said 160 we agreed and boarded the auto. Before gertting on we made it cvlear that we had to enter HBR Layout on the other side of the ring road and also made it clear that the house was in the interior. Once the auto got on to the ring road the auto man stopped his rick on the dark road and demanded 200 rs else to pay him 160 and get off at the spot. It was dark and we were two girls travelling alone. Afraid that he may do something i started yellin on the top of my voice at him saying that we had made the place and exact location before boarding he went on saying that he thought it was bda complex keb and kept on making senseless arguments. Finally another rick guy came along n i told the guy that he either take us till home for the price agreed or we wont give him any money and complained to the cops. Afraid of creating a scene he sat in the auto and took us towards home. We asked one of our male friends to pick us up at the start of our lane. I told the guy we'll give him 160 to give us the change. He insisted that we give him 180 which is double the meter. We completely refused and gave him exactly 160. Before leaving he threatened us saying that MG Road is his area and that we should watch out the next time we go to MG Road and stuff…
    I told him that the ex AIG – is my family friend- n he doesnt scare me by threatening me, he went on to say his uncle was the DCP and got out of the rick and spoke in a threatening manner. My male friend asked him to leave politely n he left but he did continue threatening us.
    His auto number is : KA 05 7308

  7. You should report this matter to Police for needful action as such kind of auto people need to be trapped and their permit need to be cancelled….

  8. Bangalore Auto Drivers are the biggest Looters. As soon as they see that the person is not a localite , they either refuse to go or ask for unacceptable money. No one is taking an action against them as they threaten people.This is quite like facing racism being an Indian and being in a part of India Itself. It seems as if the Karnataka Govt also dont want outsiders in the state. What have outsiders done-Why are we being punished? Why dont these guys say to Govt to stop making colleges and IT companies so that all outsiders may go out from bangalore and only locals may enjoy?? This is going beyoynd the limits. IF the Govt even does nothing-GOD is still seeing them and punish them too.

  9. If any auto driver misbehaves to passengers then there must be complaint in police but if police also take favour of auto drivers then what can we do?
    All the system is very corrupt.
    North indians can not understand their language so police and auto driver troubles to them and take so much money like 200-1000 rupees
    So i want to grow up a strict rule against them.

  10. No more refusals… No more tampered meters…
    Call EASY AUTO @ 9844112233 for an HONEST AUTO DRIVER right at your door steps.

    No more extra charges or arguments

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  11. This auto guy agreed on a price and when I gave him 100 Rs ,he said that he will not give me back and went away from there . Please note the Auto number : KA03 2105

  12. Autos ply on the road at their whims and fancies. Do not come to the destination that we ask for at a peak hour of 9.00 AM in the morning.
    Reason – Traffic…If excess money demanded by them is agreeded upon, then would there not be any traffic?
    It is ridiculous.
    Early in the morning…..they do not want to take passengers.
    Autos should go out of road in Bangalore and taxis should be there like in Mumbai.
    Government should do something about this.
    Autos are a pain in the neck to all commuters

  13. I had very bad experience with auto driver at yeshwantpur railwaystation. me and my colleague reached yeshwantpur railwaystation by train on 20th March 2011, sunday at evening 3.45pm. we came out of the railway station (since long line in prepaid taxi)i enquired one auto in the yeshwanthpur tumkur road side to take me to j.p.nagar 6th phase.he demanded exorbidant price Rs.350,i asked him to put meter, he we started walking little further to enquire another auto,he tailed us and keep on bargaining, i didnot agree for the price because auto meter will be maximum Rs.160.when i was about to board another auto he stopped me started physically man handling me saying that i should go with him only.when i asked him why are you touching me he started using abusive language and hit me on my nose and hand.understanding the situation me and my colleague immediately we rushed into another auto somehow managed to escape from the situation. i could note down only his vehicle registeration number driver would be in 40s.his vehicle number is KA05 06008.still iam undergoing an mental trauma of that experience.kindly suggest me how do i complaint about this incident.please do needful.

  14. @Anonymous This is a clear case of refusal as well manhandling you should report to DCP traffic or Call : 05123026888

    text message from your mobile : kiirti(message) to 56677

    email :

    Reason may be:

    Driver asking for more fare

    Refusal to ply to destination

    this organization with the details.

  15. What to do when an auto driver slaps you and run away, and the BTM layout police station wont register your complaint??

  16. Kiirti – good there is a system to report complaints online/sms/phone. But is there a system available and active to know if these complaints are looked into?? i don't think so. If there was, then there should have been reduction in the complaints atleast

  17. I noted the no of a autowallah – KA05 AC 5192 This autowallah charged one and half and top of it his meter is faulty which runs 40% more than a normal one.I know complaining is of no use in Bangalore ….but just wanted to share it in internet


  18. Hi!

    Day light robbery at the inter state tax counters are also a regular affairs and frequent taxi's know precisely how much money has to be kept in the book before they submit to have their books/paper stamped/issued?

    No wonder interstate robbers and anti social elements are having a whale of a time?

  19. Auto registration number KA-03 B 6995,
    This driver abuses,teases me ordered to not take any other auto also & he spokes in singular & filthy words, this is happening every day this driver stands LB shastrinagar HAL post(7th cross bakery,day to day shop & HAL post office)please take an action

  20. @Sruti
    – Same thing happened with me just half an hour back. Boarded an auto from Majestic Bus stand to Bilekahalli. This Auto driver asked for one and half which I agree because it was 4:45 in the morning. But once when we reached destination meter reading was 157/- which is almost 50 % more than the actual (Majestic to Bilekahalli is around 100/-). As soon as I got down from auto, i asked him that I am not going to pay you 1.5 of this as your meter is tempered. But this guy kept on saying something in kannada and kept asking 1.5 of this. This went on for at least 15 minutes … in the end, I lost and gave him 200/- … nothing can be done for these auto drivers. His auto number was KA-41-1303…

  21. @Anonymous


    I am new to bangalaore.I came in by bus and giot down in madiwala pvt bus park area.About 25 drivers where standing right athe step of the bus and harrasing customers to get intpo their auto's. I have never seen anything like this in any other city. Literraly they where trying to pull your luggage in the guise of helping and forcing to get into their rickety 3 wheelers.ii dont understand how they can ask for double the fare and they say that they wont get a return safari.

    Whys isnt there nat prepaid auto system in bangalore. It is there in every other metro and things are more orderely. why these guys are acting like thugs what cant they be more polite? how do these guys manage to get the vechiles tested and get licesense.

    Looking at all this it clearly shows that money is changing hands at the RTO offices.How else can such activities continue?Hand in hand they ply a trade of clear day light robbery under the nose of law?
    Wonder where and who is bothered?

  22. @Anonymous

    Hi all,

    Hiring a auto in tech city ( so called) is totally maddening.
    First of all most of teh autos meters dont work. They charge as they like . sometimes when hearing the location name they just speed off leaving yiou wondering if we are some untouchables.

    My question is very simple.Where is the RTO officers and where are the cops to monitor this? Since the entire govt sector top to bottom is corrupt these guys also take for a ride.

    Whsy are they not monitoring this?
    why cant they check up and see arbitatarily?
    we pay taxes so that these people can get all benefits and salary with out work..
    Why cant these guys be accoutable?
    Brecause all these callous attitude the no of vechiles in bangalore city is rising leading to all types of traffic problems

    Corporate Companies.
    Social responsisbility of hiring vechiles for the employees so that each doesnt have to take his car for work.for level based on seniority irrespective of the cadre you can have buses plying for the employees thereby contibuting to the reduction of vechiles,fuel wastage, pollution, harrasement by auto /taxis etc..

    If at all you get an auto they drive at such break neck speed leaving you with a feeling of being driven by schumacher.Then reaching destination shockingly being harrassed for more or the simple statement " no change sahib"

    What ever said and done most of the meters are tamperd?
    RTO dept and govt machinery has failed miserably leaving the public to shell out more even after paying taxes for the very mentioned people to do their work.

    If this situation continues then why should we ever pay taxes..whys should such costly dpts exist..

    Think about this? many aruguments can be had.But the real question is Do you have an attitude to do thinsg if you have the right attitude then automatically everything falls in place.Public should not hire autos which ask for more or go for the ride without meter on or pay extra over meter.

  23. Hi, i am Anthony from Jayamahal extn and want to bring the fact that i got assaulted by an auto driver bearing auto number KA 01 AA 1011 . I wanted to take auto near metro Yeshwanthpur to jayamahal on 3rd september at 8.45pm. The auto bearing registration no KA 01 AA 1011 was coming from peenya side stopped at my signal, i told him to drop me and even take one and half charge for Jayamahal for which he denied. Since i was with my mother in law and wife i asked him for the reason not coming for which he becomes rude and threatened me to kill me, insulted me and shouted at me in foul language. Please take action on the auto driver teach him a lesson so that no other passenger will face this kind of insult in future. Anthony das

  24. Guys, none of the above mentioned sites/numbers work.. I have tried everything possible to complain about the HORRIBLE DISGUSTING situation of the autos in Bangalore.. NOTHING works!

  25. am writing on behalf my dear friend who was harassed by an auto driver. she was traveling back home from her work place in an auto, wen en route the driver while on the move striped his pants and started to masturbate looking at my friend. as she told me she was shocked and frightened and told the auto guy to stop the vehicle. surprisingly he did stop and she had to walk to her place at 1a.m. sadly enough she was so depressed and did not go to work for a week.

  26. Dear friends, On 29th Oct-11 I took an auto from K.R.Road, near Umamaheshwari temple, Banashankari 2nd stage at 7 pm. I kept my black color medium size bag near kicker of the auto (near Auto driver's foot). I got down from the auto near Thribhuvan Talkies and one of my friends continue in the same auto to KSRTC bus stand. In that bag I kept 3 pair of cloths, 2 T shirts, Belt, other things and cloths. Unfortunately I didn't notice the auto number and driver's details. It is completely my negligence, there is no fault by the Auto driver. Please help to find my bag and contact to below No.
    Mob: 9844323287

  27. Hello All,

    I am also having frequent problem with Auto drivers. Auto drivers standing inside NGV or near Gate directly asking fare twice for Example from NGV Koramangla to MG road They are asking Rs. 100 to 150. Proudly saying Meter is not working. If Meter is not working keeping Auto on Road and looking for passenger…seat at home.
    Even though I took Auto having no KA05 AC 4759 using PRE paid booth having slip of Rs. 73 from MG road to Koramangla, after reaching to NGV, Koramangla Auto driver demanded 20 Rs more and upon refusal he abused with bad words and North Indian stuff.

    Please note I tried to call “08022253500” and “08025533525” but no one picked and even though SMS to 52225 not worked.

    My humble request to all residing in Banglore, please don’t be ready to pay as per demand. This is making their habit and even by paying 10 Rs more to save your 5 min or avoid waiting you are adding 10% to corruption. I believe Banglore is a place of literate and most of us being abroad and appreciated their transport system. If you are looking same here please stop practice of overpaying. Ultimately they need Bread and butter throw auto and if none of customer is paying more then they will also be ready to take charge as per meter. First as a customer we need to change instead of trying to change them.
    Make India corruption free and better place to live, start contributing from today by saying “NO to extra Charge”

  28. Hi sir
    I'm working near Cambridge layout…. On that road a auto driver becomes rude and threatened a old man to kill him, insulted him and shouted at him in foul language.The Auto driver not begave like a hummanbeing.Please take action on the auto driver teach him a lesson so that no other passenger will face this kind of insult in future. Samuel….. Reply as soon as possible……Auto Number KA-03-A-3154…..

  29. i daily travel from jp nagar 6th phase to jayanagar 5th block . there is no bus route from my source to destination the only option is to board an auto . There are almost 10 autos standing on the 24th main jp nagar 6th phase but no one turns up for hire. They have formed a ghetto no body agrees to go … or either charge 2 times the fare they never agree to go by meter. It is not only me …. i see many people wating on the 24th main waiting for their luck. I would like to take the attention of RTO to kindly look in the issue . The solution can be a pre paid auto or appoint an traffic police at the or SIMPLY cancel the licence of these auto rickshaws .

    There are two things Bangalore is fed up of "STRAY DOGS AND AUTORICKSHAW DRIVERS". They both have lot of similarities both roam around the streets with no purpose.

  30. sab auto wale harami ki aulad hain…..inko haram ka paisa chahiye..inka ek heen ilaj hai..3 frnds (male) auto book kare jitna wo bolta hai utne par fir destination par ja kar 2-2 hath laga kar actual fare de kar bhaga sudhrenge ye log..

  31. Double Meter Reading and Misbehave

    Yesterady (23rd March 2012), I have hired an auto KA-05-D-3719 from BMTC (Double Road) to MICO Layout (Bannerghatta Road) at 11:45 A.M. Regularly we are hiring the auto in this route and charge is minimum i.e. 20/-. But yesterday we are shocked his meter was showing 54/-. Not only this he was arguing that now charges increased and as per now chart (he was having that chart) you have to pay Rs. 82/-. For half an hour he was doing misbehave and using rubbish languages because how I can pay four time of the normal fare. After having chaos situation at there, somehow I have pay Rs. 35/- and come out of this dilemma. Please do the needful ASAP so further no one should suffer in this auto. We could not take his further details since he has not fix his details inside the Auto.

  32. One more incident i want to share with you guys the auto drivers near Viajayanagar market and bus stand charged me 800/- to go to Jayamahal one month earlier. It was 6.30pm when i asked for the auto for jayamahal. Initially no one was willing to go Jayamahal but one driver asked for 800/- just to drop into the Jayamahal. When i asked why charging too much and when tried to note their number plates , 2-3 drivers abused me and talked with foul language and lifted stones to beat me. These auto drivers have to be taeched a lesson. I request the concern authorities to look into the matter seriously and help the common man.

  33. The demand of auto driver has raised because of the middile east people like iranis, arabic who give 50/60 bucks to the auto drivers even if the meter says its 20.They do not mind to pay any amt whatever the auto driver charges & so they demand the same from other people.

  34. I was duped by the auto driver of this Auto

    Auto Number : KA 02 AA 5057

    On reaching the destination , I paid 100Rs , expecting a change of 40Rs but he showed my 10Rs and told me that I has given him 10Rs instead of a 100. I thought I had made a mistake and gave him another 100Rs , after making sure this time and then he did the same thing to me a second time. This time I started arguing with him but to no avail . I don't want my money back but I want to make sure that he is not able to do this to anyone else again. Please take him to task and cancel his license if possible. I am very upset with myself to have let him go .Please do something about this. Spread awareness about this scam if possible.

  35. My wife today faced harassment from a auto driver. She was going from BTM to Koramangla water tank (hardly 1 km), driver agreed for Rs30 and in between he stopped at a petrol pump for fuel and then he crossed the Koramangla water tank signal and stopped and then demanded Rs 40, but she gave only Rs30 and he shouted and used foul language.
    Unfortunately she didn't note down the number

  36. In my opinion the best way is to avoid autos and use public transport system or purchase a two wheeler which can be more flexible.
    For little longer distance, its always good to hire taxis like Meru/kstcdc/city taxis. Even though the rates are bit more, still you have the peace of mind and you can travel with dignity and not treated or harassed for no fault of yours.
    I always hire meru or any other cabs when traveling to rail station with my parents. Its comes just little more than auto charge, but gives peace of mind.

  37. I completely agree to this
    If not a single person was ready to pay extra to these auto wallas, ultimately they would be forced to comply by the law and work honestly
    It is as much our fault that they are in a position where they dont fear the law, harass us and abuse us.
    I had a similar bad experience this morning, where an auto driver harassed, abused and forced me and my mother out of the auto because he wanted extra money and we were not ready to comply.

  38. Reliaable Developers are acting as Rowdies. Even MD and chairman are acting as Rowdies to the customers and using unparliamentary language to customers. They are not at all considering customers. They don’t respect the customers after purchase. They have not at all completed the development. If the customer has to get refund. They have not paid the money to the customers. Arun MD of Reliaable Developer using unparliamentary language to the purchaser for there property. He is a biggest cheat.

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