States Where Aadhaar is Not Required For EPFO Enrollment

Employee Provident fund organization (EPFO) has decided to enroll the new members without Aadhaar in Meghalaya, Nagaland and Assam. The regulatory body has decided to take the step since adoption of Aadhaar in these states has been low. The service would be provided till November 23,2018.

Mandatory in other States

For generating UAN, it is mandatory to have a 12 digit Aadhaar number but these states would be exempt. For employees in other states who  have not generated their UAN yet and want to do so without having to wait for their employer to generate UAN for them can follow the procedure as mentioned below.

Step 1 – Visit the unified portal member of EPFO or click this link (

Step 2 – The login screen of the Member Portal would have the option “Online Aadhaar Verified UAN allotment

Step 3 – There would be option for the user to enter the Aadhaar Number and then click ‘Generate OTP’. The OTP would be sent on the registered mobile number.

Step 4 – Enter the OTP and then click the disclaimer checkbox. Click the ‘Submit’ button to proceed with the request.

Step 5- The screen would show the basic details of the Aadhaar. One the user has verified the details and punched in required data, Click the ‘Register’ button.

Step 6 – After clicking the register button, the UAN would be allotted and would be sent as a message to the user.

UAN has been made mandatory and serves the purpose of keeping track of the EPF account, transfer and allotments.


Here is how to withdraw 75% corpus from EPFO account?

Under the new rule Employee Provident Fund Organization has given green signal to the employees to withdraw 75% of the fund corpus, one month after the unemployment. The 75% of the total amount in the EPFO account can be withdrawn as advance according to the authorities.

Why the decision?

An individual is eligible for the pension on his EPFO account if the account is active for 10 years. However, after losing the job, the common trend is to close the account after two months and in that case an Individual loses the provision of pension. To make sure that the account remains active even after the person is out of job, 75% of the corpus can be withdrawn.



There is a set procedure allowing an individual to draw the corpus. Here are the steps.

Step 1- Login to the UAN member portal with your UAN credentials

Step 2 – Click online services on the top menu bar and select ‘Claim (Form-31, 19 & 10C)’ from the drop-down menu.

Step 3 – The following page will have Member details, KYC details and service details. Click the tab ‘Proceed for online claim’.

Step 4 – Once, you are redirected to the claim section, there would be more details such as PAN number, UAN, mobile number and so on. You need to select the type of claim-withdraw PF only or withdraw pension only.

Step 5 – You would need to fill the claim and upon the completion, the OTP would be sent to the registered mobile number. The OTP should be entered in the form to initiate the claim. Once the claim form is submitted, an intimation through the message would be sent on the registered mobile number. After the claim is processed, the amount would be transferred to the bank account.

There would be two claim forms when an individual must

fill the form.

  • Only PF withdrawal form 19
  • Only Pension withdrawal form – 10 C

Checking balance

If you are just looking to check the balance of EPFO before deciding on withdrawing the fund, then there are three ways in which you can do it.

Through an SMS

An SMS should be sent to 7738299899 with message EPFOHO UAN ENG. ENG implies that preferred language is English. The other languages are – Hindi, Gujrati, Punjabi, Marathi, Kannada, Tamil, Bengali, Malyalam, Telugu.

Through missed call

  • Give missed call on registered mobile number 011-22901406
  • You will receive an SMS providing the PF details

Through EPFO app

  • Download the app and click on ‘Member’ and then on ‘Balance/Passbook.
  • Enter the registered mobile number and UAN
  • On entering the details, the system would match the details and when matched, the EPF details can be viewed.


Employee Provident Fund – How to check the Balance

Employee Provident Fund is one of the biggest benefits that the companies offer us to ensure that we part ways with a little portion of the salary and save it in Provident Fund which becomes a huge corpus and serves us after retirement. However, not everyone knows that all the EPF functionalities have now been made available online and everything from withdrawing the fund to checking the passbook online has become easier.

For those who are not aware on how to access their Passbook online, here are the steps that would help you out:

Step 1 – Go to the EPFO website Click on e-Passbook towards the right. There would be prompt to enter the UAN number, password and captcha code. Unique Account Number is important as it is inclusive of all the IDs provided to an individual by different firm.

Employee Provident Fund UAN Page

Employee Provident Fund UAN Page

Step 2 – Click on the member-id to view the e-passbook and know the Employee Provident Fund balance.

Employee Provident Fund Balance Page

Employee Provident Fund Balance Page

Checking the Balance Through Missed Call

Over time it has become more convenient to know the balance of the Employee Provident Fund account as the employees can now get to know the balance through a missed call. Subscribers who have registered UAN portal can dial 011-22901406 from their registered mobile number. However the pre-requisite for getting the balance on the phone is that the number must be activated with UAN at the official website of EPFO. Also, if the subscriber is looking to receive details about the last contribution and PF balance, the UAN must be linked with any one of the bank account numbers, Aadhaar and permanent account numbers (PAN) This service is available for free.

Checking Balance Through SMS

It is also possible now to know the latest Employee Provident Fund contribution and balance by sending an SMS to 7738299899 from the registered mobile number. An Individual just needs to type “EPFOHO UAN” to 7738299899. Also, to make it simpler, the facility is offered in 10 languages:











If you want to get the SMS in any other language other than default English, first three characters of the preferred language should be added after UAN. For instance, to get the message in Tamil, the message should be “EPFOHO UAN TAM” to 7738299899.

Umang App

Apart from the above three methods, it is also possible to check the balance through Umang app by clicking on EPFO. Members would land on the page of employee centric services, employer centric services, general services, Jeevan Praman, eKYC services. Tap on the ‘employee centric services and would transfer you to the page that enables passbook view and raise and track claim.

Employees should always track the contribution made by the employer and the latest balance. In the past, there have been scandals where the employers deduct the amount from salary but do not deposit it to the account, therefore employee bearing the tax burden.


PF-Adhaar mismatch -How to Rectify details in EPFO Account

Provident Fund is the saving on which you rely after the retirement. However, many a times small glitches can make the process of applying for PF very complicated on the EPFO website. In such a case you will have to make sure that the details that you have given at the time of creating the PF account in the organization should match with that of Aadhar.

In case, for some reason the details are not matching, here are the simple steps that should be followed.

If you as an employee are willing to correct the details against the Universal Account Number(UAN), employee and the employer should give a joint request to the EPFO.

Pre-requisites to make the changes:-

·       Active UAN

·       Aadhar Number

Once the employer is convinced that the changes have to be made, you will have to send those changes to the employer on the Member Unified Portal. Upon receiving the request the details of Aadhar and the one given by the employee will be matched. Once done, the request would be sent to the employer who in turn will transfer the same to the EPFO.

Steps to Change the Details

Step1 Access and login using the UAN and password

EPFO EPFO Detail Change Home Page

EPFO Detail Change Home Page

Step 2 –Click “Manage>Modify Basic Details”

EPFO Basic Details

EPFO Basic Details

Step 3 – Fill in the correct details as per Aadhaar (System will verify the details entered with UIDAI- Aadhaar Data)

EPFO Aadhar Details

EPFO Aadhar Details

Step 4 – Click the tab” Update Details” on the previous screen and the request would be submitted to the employer for approval thereof. If the employee wants to withdraw the request, he can do so by pressing “Delete Request”

EPFO Final Page

EPFO Final Page

Process to be followed by the employer

Step 1: Login to the Employer Interface of United Portal

Step 2: Employer can see the change requests submitted by employees by clicking on “Member>Details Change Request”

Step 3: Once the request is approved, employer would be able to track the status of request

Step 4: Once the Employer has approved the request, it would display in the login of Dealing Hand of the concerned EPFO office, in the Field office Interface of Unified Portal.

Step 5: Dealing Hand would login and track the online change request by clicking “Member>Details Change Request”.

Step 6: Verification is taken by Dealing hand after which the recommendation is submitted to the Section Supervisor.

Step 7: RPFC can Approve/ Reject the cases



Important Changes to EPFO That Employees Should Know..

Employees Provident Fund Organization manages the corpus of Rs 10 lakh crore and every year the retirement fund body gets the claim of over 1 crore including the EPF withdrawal, pension fixation and insurance. The investment breakup of EPFO is as follows

12% of employees contribution goes to the EPF kitty

8.33% out of 12% employer’s contribution is invested in EPS or pension scheme

Remaining 3.67% is invested in EPF

Over the years the authorities have made various changes in the EPFO for the benefit of the employees. Some of the norms such as the withdrawal options have been relaxed under which the subscriber does not need to give any form of declaration while applying for the advance claim. These amends in the polices have been made so that the better utilization of the funds can be done. Only recently, there have been more changes induced in the whole process of EPFO to make it simpler.

There have been host of changes in the EPFO that the subscribers should know about. While some have already got approval, others are under the review and would be passed soon.

epfo important changes

epfo important changes

Online Filing – Under the new rule one, if the EPF claim is 10 lakhs or exceeding, it is not required to file online. Under the revised rules and as per the circular dated April 13th, offline claims are accepted just like the online claims in all the cases. From now on the EPFO subscribers can file the claims online as well as manually for provident fund withdrawals. Earlier the claim settlement above Rs 10 lacs for Provident Fund and 5 lacs for EPS withdrawal claim, it was mandatory to submit the form in online mode only. However, the latest circular released suggested that various members have raised the grievances about the same and therefore both online and offline claims have now been allowed.

Flexibility on Investment –  The subscribers might soon be able to put more of their provident fund portion into stock through Exchange Traded Funds. Some portion of EPFO is invested in the stock markets through ETF already since 2015. In the year 2016, 5% of investible deposit was increased to 10% in 2016-17 and 15% in 2017-18. Latest reports suggest that the meeting of Employees’ Provident Fund Organisation’s apex decision making body Central Board of Trustees, there could be a decision over increasing the equity allocation above 15% which is the mandate investment in the equity as of now. However, subscribers would also be given the option to drop the percentage of investment below the 15%.

Two Separate Accounts – There would be two accounts under the name

Fixed Income – where fixed annual interest would be credited to members account

Equity – Where the investment in Equity would show as the units and the return is calculated marked to market.

The accounting policy has already got the green signal from the Central Board of Trustees or CBT, the topmost body of EPFO or Employees Provident Fund Organization.



EPFO has introduced a new Form No 11 linked to new transfer process

In order to streamline the process of transfer as in the unified portal 2.0 as Member & employer both were facing the problem in regards to the same EPFO has introduced a new Form No 11 which is rename as Composite Declaration form No 11 ( F-11) and which is linked to the new transfer Process

Revised procedure for Transfer of Accounts

New Transfer Process also introduce which will be automatically link with the New Declaration form


?In case the employee already has a UAN, the employer will be required to enter his details through registration of member functionalities on the employer’s portal. Since there have been cases of wrong linking of current employment of member with a UAN that does not pertain to him, it would be necessary that the employer shall provide the following data at this stage:-

a) UAN allotted to him in past
b) Aadhaar No. of the member
c) Name of the member
d) Date of Birth

?In case, the earlier UAN was Aadhaar seeded and verified, the declaration by the employer of transfer request made by the employee in Form-11 will trigger an auto transfer process which will transfer the accumulations against his previous PF ID to the new PF ID.

?Form No. 13 is not required to be submitted in such cases.

?An SMS informing the subscriber about the proposed auto-transfer will be sent on his registered mobile number. Auto transfer will be completed only after:-
a) The member does not request to stop the proposed auto-transfer (either online, or
through employer or at the nearest EPFO office) within 10 days of said SMS, and

b) The first contribution by the present employer is deposited and reconciled

?In case:-
a) the earlier UAN was not seeded with Aadhaar or
b) UAN was Aadhaar seeded but not verified or
c) EPF transfer from or to an exempted establishment
the member needs to apply for transfer in Form-13 as the existing procedure for physical transfer would be followed.

Failure to furnish Aadhaar will lead to difficulty in transferring of old accumulation into new account and therefore all employers are advised to ensure that the Aadhaar number of transferee is filled in the EPFO portal


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EPF mandatory for those earning up to Rs 25000/ Month

EPF mandatory for those earning up to Rs 25000.00 /month:

The Employees Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) is ready to extend the wage ceiling for workers, creating it obligatory for those earning up to Rs twenty five,000 a month to contribute towards the social insurance theme.
Currently , the ceiling is pegged at Rs fifteen,000 a month and is being accumulated within the wake of the pay commission award for presidency staff, that has resulted in higher salaries for many within the non-public sector too. the problem is to be mentioned at following meeting of EPFO, scheduled for later within the month.

While solely those earning up to Rs 25,000/month need to compulsorily contribute 12-tone system of their basic pay towards EPFO and staff Pension theme (with an identical contribution coming back from the employer), a majority of the corpus comes from people who ar higher than the wage limit. For those higher than the wage cap, it’s not obligatory to contribute to EPFO, however they like to try and do it since the returns are beyond those on supply in different instruments and stay un taxed in the least stages.

Sources aforesaid that the proposal was on the agenda for the last meeting of the central board of trustees however couldn’t be concerned. most trades union representatives further because the government nominees ar aiming to back the move.

The revision in the wage ceiling this time will be amongst the quickest coming three years after it was last raised. The last enhancement -from Rs 6,500 to Rs 15,000 came after a gap of 15 years.



ECR Validation Tool And New Revised EPF Process Explained

The ECR format has been revised and it will be UAN based without the erstwhile member ID. Under the new process the validation process will be as follows.

System Requirement for revised ECR Format

  • Operating system: Windows XP, Windows 7 or newer (including Windows 8, 8.1,and 10)
  •  Java: JDK 1.7 and Above
  • Display Resolution: 1280*1024 and larger.

    EPFO changes

    EPFO changes

  • Processor: 1GHz processor (dual-core recommended).
  •  RAM and Storage: 1GB of RAM and 200 MB Free Spaces.
  1. In order to open ECR utility file Tool, click on the ECRM.jar file
  2. Thereafter a Window will open for export and import ECR file
  3. In the Window, you have to click on the “Import ECR text file ” in order to import the ECR details. Once you have clicked the tab, another screen will be displayed

ECR Format  file has 11 fields as mentioned below

UAN Number #~#Member Name#~#Gross Wages#~#EPF Wages#~#EPS Wages#~#EDLI

Wages#~#EPF Contribution#~#EPS Contribution#~#EDLI Contribution#~#NCP

Days#~#Refund of Advances








4. File Validation: In case reported file has invalid data, then it will not be imported and display the error message

5. The displayed screen will ask the Name and/or UAN Number and press “Search”. The record will be displayed thereafter

6. In case you want to clear the search details, Click on ‘Clear’ button

7. To clear all the records displayed in the grid view, press ‘Clear All Data’

8. To see all the valid record, click on ‘Show Valid Records’

9. Similarly, for invalid records ‘show invalid records’

Updation of ECR Member Details

Select the record from the grid view which will display the selected details un Update ECR details section . Once you have modified the details, Press ‘Update’ button.

Deletion of ECR Details

Select the record from the grid view and Click on ‘Delete’ button

Return to the first Detail

Click on ‘Refresh’ button and details in the form of grid will appear.

Exporting ECR File

Click on ‘Export#~#ECR Text File and the system will ask about the location details where ECR uploaded file is to be exported. In case the member details is less than 20000, the file will be saved as a text file and in case the number of records is over 20000, it will be exported as Zip automatically.


EPF Unified portal changes and problems in uploading ECR

Employee provident fund has switched to new Unified Portal combing UAN and ECR filing online and added many more online banking support to ease monthly filing of PF monthly return and reduced confusion among users to do different activity with 3 different logins.

After launching services for online return filing(ECR), Online Registration(OLRE), Online Remittance link from SBI, EPFO launches Unified Portal with new features such as UAN based simplified ECR (ECR Version , Online payment through multi-banking and services like Online Registration of Establishments through a single portal.

To access new EPFO portal one has to use the link and use your old login id and password as used for employer e-seva.

Now important thing one must know is you cannot file ECR with EPF number as provided from your side. you must get UAN number . Without UAN number monthly filing is not possible and if you try to upload old text format it will give Validation error and once you download the error file from epfo new portal.

The error will read like this “Error Total Number of Fields: Invalid found on line numbers: [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10]” wherever you have added employee without UAN number.

One more major changes is ECR file generated using e-return tool will not be accepted as the field requirement is changed to 13 fields only.

Validation Failed : Error Total Number of Fields: Invalid found on line numbers: [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10]

ECR File Fields: –

(ECR File consists of 11 Fields as mentioned below which are separated by #~#)
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New process for UAN generation to file EPF return using Unified portal

The process of UAN generation has been revised and linking is based on following principles

  • The electronic return cum challan will be UAN based with new unified PF portal
  • If the member is the first time employee then the UAN will be generated by the employer  before filing the ECR
  • Employer should also link the existing UAN of the member with the present employment before filing of UAN based ECR
  • Details such as name of member, date of birth, father’s / Husband’s name etc. would be same for all the employments
  • The member details i.e. name of member, date of birth, father’s / Husband’s name etc. would be same for all the employments, since the details would be fetched from UAN database of member
  • The PF number is replaced with UAN for challan generation.
  • Upfront generation of UAN and seeding of KYC by individuals and as a bulk option

Member Joins EPF for the First Time – The employer can get the UAN from the EPFO portal by furnishing the information given by the employee in his declaration form. Employer an submit ECR of the employee once the UAN has been obtained from the portal.

Already a Member – For those who are already the member of the EPF should follow the process given below:

  • Employee furnished the UAN/EPF detail to the employer in the declaration form
  • Employer will thereafter link the present employment with the provided Universal Account Number before filing ECR
  • All the details provided in the UAN will be used in the ECR of the present employment
  • Employer will thereafter be able to remit the dues through ECR for this linked UAN

    UAN generation new process

UAN Linking Logic-

Individual Registration  –  If an individual registers, an alert message will be shown to employer and his consent will be needed to link the UAN even if there are some discrepancies between the information furnished  for the UAN and that given by the employer. If the employer wants to carry the process ahead then the information furnished will be carried forward and can be changed later through separate functionalities.

Bulk Registration – In case of Bulk registration and “Allowed with Alert”, alert message will be given in the PDF and the advice that if employer approves the pdf files, these entries will be not considered and in case the employer wants to link the UAN in which there are some discrepancies, it is not possible for Bulk registration.

Fresh New Employment – If the employer has declared that the employee is the first time employee, then he will need to make sure that the Aadhar/PAN has been seeded with some UAN. If the same Aadhaar/PAN is already seeded with some UAN, the employer will be prompted that this KYC is already seeded with some UAN and employer has either to provide UAN or register without KYC. However, after registration, the employer can seed same KYC with new UAN.

UAN new registration process

UAN new registration process