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There are many advertisements available on Facebook claiming free stock recommendations. These ads typically ask for your contact number to register for free stock tips. Once you enroll with your number and name, you’ll start receiving invitation links to join WhatsApp groups, such as “7701 Retail Investor Learning Group” or similar ones. I’ll provide a live example of a real victim who became aware of the modus operandi of the Fraud International Gold Trading Team, which helped him and other team members avoid falling into this scam.

As enticing as these offers may seem, it’s essential to approach them with caution. Many individuals have been lured into these schemes by the promise of quick wealth and financial success, only to find themselves in dire financial situations. The reality is that legitimate investment opportunities rarely come with such extravagant promises and are often accompanied by thorough research and due diligence.

Moreover, these fraudulent groups often employ sophisticated tactics to manipulate and deceive their targets. They may use fake testimonials, fabricated success stories, and misleading information to create a false sense of credibility and urgency. As a result, individuals who are not well-informed or discerning may easily fall prey to these schemes, risking their hard-earned money and financial stability in the process.

Therefore, it’s crucial to exercise skepticism and vigilance when encountering such offers, especially on platforms like Facebook where anyone can advertise without proper verification. Before sharing any personal information or committing to any investment opportunity, individuals should conduct thorough research, seek advice from trusted financial experts, and verify the legitimacy of the offer.

By staying informed and cautious, individuals can protect themselves from falling victim to financial scams and make informed decisions that align with their long-term financial goals and objectives. Remember, if an investment opportunity sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Trust your instincts and proceed with caution to safeguard your financial well-being.

Some of the pictures as shred are as follows :

But dont fall into the trap of the above. If you just carefully follow each of the chat conversation ther will be a bunch of followers of main person called Mr. Rohan Agarwal whose number as added in whats app never be reached and most of the people who talks about him are having fake mobile number who are available only in whats app and none of their contact number is valid.

they will spread many fake news as to Tie up with Citi bank groups , International meet at Taj Mumbai etc..

They will invite you to :

“Proxy Trading Instructions:
This trading plan (trade on behalf) requires maintaining good execution capabilities, strictly following the Mr. Rohan’s trading instructions, and unified buying and selling. Investors do not need to contribute funds but can receive a 1% profit share (approximately $100-$200) while assisting the trading department in making profits. The payout is received upon completion of the operation. If there are no issues, I’ll now teach you specifically how to complete the trade on behalf do you understand?”

As a first step they will ask you to install this app ” ” which is run by this website which is just 2 months old website managed and operated by the team to rig the price of the Gold as per their convenience and to attract investors they will spend per day 5000 to 8000 as dividend of 1% of the gain so earned directly to your Bank account which comes from various trading account names like ” Poddars Fashion” ” Antima Enterprises ” . Kindly dont fall into the trap here.. this is just a initial trap to make you fall into the greed of money. After trail period they will withdraw your login and make you to watch others making money infront of you. This is just to make you eager to ask for your own Gold account and in the group many of their followers will start same conversation as to Owning their own trading account to make $1500 to $6000 per month which is a myth. This will make group members to get ready to transfer their whole money to their own account and finally you will loose full money as deposited to the account.

I happen to google for such frauds and happen to find same type of frauds as listed below in the news link

To build confidence they will share in the group money paid details to the group which are fake and some will have invalid IFSC code..

How to check the Genuineness :

  1. All the contact number given in the whats app chat are valid number and you cannot reach them by normal call
  2. None of the contacts who keeps taking about profits are Valid numbers but part of the fraud gang.
  3. The website or Apps used are exclusive website designed by the fraud team without public regisration process.
  4. They will ask you to transfer money to some account of their Gang.

If you happen to find such fraud teams register complaint with and dont transfer any money.


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