Invalid Bank Accounts provided in Registration data : GST cancelled ???

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All GST registred members must keep your profile with correct Bank account details of the organization which is linked with you respective PAN or else chances of GST cancellation is more likely.

If Department find Bank account is not correct or not linked to pan they will issue “Show Cause Notice for Cancellation of Registration” with following details.

“Whereas on the basis of information which has come to my notice, it appears that your registration is liable to be cancelled for the following reasons:

1 Invalid Bank Accounts provided in Registration data.

You are hereby directed to furnish a reply to the notice within seven working days from the date of service of this notice. You are hereby directed to appear before the undersigned on 21/04/2023 at 10:30 If you fail to furnish a reply within the stipulated date or fail to appear for personal hearing on the appointed date and time, the case will be decided ex parte on the basis of available records and on merits .Please note that your registration stands suspended with effect from 11/04/2023.

In case GST dealer fails to response or update the bank details with PAN system will automatically proceed with Suo-moto cancellation of GST and as a reference you Bank details will show thie question mark like below

So Tax payers are advised to response to such Show Cause Notice and update their Bank account with Bank which will save your GST account or else you need to apply for GST afresh.

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