ROC filing Due Dates falling in the year 2022-23.

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ROC filing Due Dates falling in the year 2022-23.

ROC i.e. Registrar of Companies requires all the businesses registered in India to file certain forms every year. Irrespective of their structure, businesses in India are required to adhere to these compliances. Hence, be it Private Limited Company, Public Limited Company, Limited Liability Partnership etc shall have to keep a track of all the ROC Filing Due Dates every year. It is important for all the Companies and LLPs registered in India to comply with the ROC Annual Filing Compliances under the Companies Act, 2013 and Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008 respectively. There are both annual and event based compliances that requires ROC Filing accordingly.

ROC Compliance Calendar for the due dates falling in the year 2022-23- (Due dates for ROC Filing forms FY 2021-22)

  • It is crucial that the Companies and Limited Liability Partnerships registered in India file all the important ROC Filing Forms within the specified due dates.
  • If the Companies and LLPs fail to comply with the ROC filings, they may have to pay a hefty penalty.
  • Hence, it is of utmost importance for the companies and LLPs to keep a track of all the important due dates for both Annual and Event Based ROC Compliances.

Here, we have prepared ROC Compliance Calendar for the due dates falling in the year 2022-23

ROC Filing Forms Due Dates 2022-23
FormParticularsPeriodDue Date
MSMe 1Half Yearly form for outstanding Payment to MSMEOctober 2022 to March 2022   April 2022 to September 202230.04.2022       31.10.2022
LLP 11LLP Annual ReturnFY 2021-2230.05.2022
PAS 6To be filed by unlisted public company for reconciliation of share capital audit report on half yearly basisFor half-year ending on 31st March, 2022     For half-year ending on 30th September, 202230.05.2022   29.11.2022  
DPT 3Return of DepositsFY 2021-2230.06.2022
FLAAnnual Return to RBIFY 2021-2215.07.2022
DIR 3 KYCKYC of Directors / PartnersFY 2021-2230.09.2022
AOC 4 (OPC)Form for filing Financial StatementsFY 2021-2227.09.2022
ADT 1Notice to registrar for the Appointment of AuditorFY 2021-2214.10.2022 (Within 15 days of GM)
MGT 14To be filed by the companies after passing any resolution (On occurrence of  any event)FY 2021-2229.10.2022 (Within 30 Days of Passing of Board Resolution)
AOC 4Form for filing Financial StatementsFY 2021-2229.10.2022 (Within 30 days of AGM)
LLP 8Statement of Account and Solvency of LLPFY 2021-2230.10.2022
MGT 7Annual ReturnFY 2021-2228.11.2022 (Within 60 days of AGM)
MGT 7A (OPC)Annual ReturnFY 2021-2228.11.2022 (As per the MCA MGT 7A Help Kit)

It is important for the companies and Limited Liability Partnerships to make a note of all these due dates for ROC Annual filing falling in the year 2022-23. However, the above mentioned dates are subject to change and extension as and when notified by the concerned department of the Government.


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