Your SIM documents has been Expired. Please contact customer care 07811853769- Fraud alert

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Dear customer Your S’I,M documents has been Expired. Please contact customer care 07811853769 immediately. Your S,IM will be blocked within 24hrs.

Most of the innocent phone user may get this message and some will be educated enough to identify by wording itself as it is a fraud SMS and ignore such messages but some may fall into the trap.

Once you reach out to given number as given above which may change over the period you will be greeted as if he is from customer care and will say Your KYC provided at the time of getting sim is expired and need to revalidate the same.

For this you need to download one simple app in your smart phone. App name will be “Kyc quick support” If you search in your Playstore you will get following result and he will ask you to click on Team viewer app. Just to give viewers about team viewer : “Business users can use TeamViewer to remotely access their work computers while traveling or working from offsite locations. TeamViewer makes it easy to connect to remote desktop computers. From anywhere. At any time”

Once you install and give the number as provided in team viewer other side party can access your mobile content and control all activities and you will loose control over your mobile and You will become a victim to SIM fraud. BEWARE !!!!!!

SIM card KYC Fraud alert

Report such crime to nearest cyber police station. Spread this post to all your friends and links to save them from fraud


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