Precaution Dose for HCWs/FLWs and Citizens (60+) is now live on Co-WIN

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The feature for online appointments for Precaution Dose for HCWs/FLWs and Citizens (60+) is now live on Co-WIN. To book an appointment, please visit

Those who are eligible will get SMS like this “You are eligible and may avail precaution dose on 10-01-2022, after medical advice. Please visit – CoWIN

Precaution dose

  • Scheduling of Second dose should be done from the same account (same mobile number) from which the first dose has been taken, for generation of final certificate. Separate registration for second dose is not necessary and would lead to two first dose certificates.
  • Please carry the registered mobile phone and the requisite documents, including appointment slip, the Photo ID card used for registration, Employment Certificate (HCW/FLW), university offer letter/job offer letter/official nomination order etc. if you are undertaking international travel, PASSPORT in case you are a foreign national or are undertaking foreign travel etc., while visiting the vaccination center, for verification at the time of vaccination.
  • The system will display vaccination slots only for the vaccines for which you are eligible. The slots availability is displayed in the search (on district, pincode or map) based on the schedule populated by the DIOs (for Government Vaccination Centers) and private hospitals for their vaccination centers.
  • You would be eligible for a Precaution Dose if the following conditions are met–If you are registered as a Health Care Worker (HWC) or a Front Line Worker (FLW) or a citizen aged 60 years or more; and
  • You are already fully vaccinated as per the vaccination details recorded on Co-WIN; and
  • At least 39 weeks have passed after administration of your full vaccination. The due date of Precaution Dose will be displayed on the dashboard in your account.
  • Citizens aged 60 years or more and having co-morbidities, should take precaution dose, only after medical advice.

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