Source of Income to be filled in Spice + MCA form

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What to fill for Source of Income in Spice + form under Source of income ?

It is mandatory to indicate at least one of the sources of incomes, as mentioned in the form. In case, the income from Business/profession is selected by the applicant then an appropriate business/ profession code should be mentioned. Please refer the table given below to select the business/profession code:
CodeBusiness/ ProfessionCodeBusiness/ Profession
01Medical Profession and Business11Films, TV and such other entertainment
02Engineering12Information Technology
03Architecture13Builders and Developers
04Chartered Accountant/Accountancy14Members of Stock Exchange, Share Brokers and Sub-Brokers
05Interior Decoration15Performing Arts and Yatra
06Technical Consultancy16Operation of Ships, Hovercraft, Aircrafts or Helicopters
07Company Secretary17Plying Taxis, Lorries, Trucks, Buses or other Commercial Vehicles
08Legal Practitioner and Solicitors18Ownership of Horses or Jockeys
09Government Contractors19Cinema Halls and Other Theatres
10Insurance Agency20Others

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