Non submitting the bank Details lead to GST registration cancellation

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As per Rule 10A of the Central Goods and Services Tax Rule 2017, it is mandatory to furnish the bank account details within 45 days from the date of grant of registration or the date on which the return required under section 39 is due to be furnished, whichever is earlier. You have not added bank account details after registration till date.
Kindly add at least one bank account within 45 days (13/09/2021) post login by navigating to services> registration> amendment non-core.

GST has issued notice in portal to those Tax payers who have registered but failed to update their bank details. It is always advisable to update Current account of the registered tax payer. In case Savings account or personal Bank account is updated in case of default of attachment your registered Bank account will be frozen from doing any activity.

We have seen Many GST registered tax payers running business and filing returns ignoring Bank account update note from GST but now Government is Serious and have given 45 days time line to comply or else they will cancel the registration.


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