Vaccine certificate correction-How to correct details in Vaccine certificate of cowin ?

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Vaccine certificate correction-How to correct details in Vaccine certificate of co-win ?

There are many complaints on name being spelling wrong in the vaccine portal if it is directly entered by the Vaccination center . If you contact Vaccination center you will get a reply as they don’t have option to edit the name or any other details in Co-win portal. There are possibility of spelling error by applicant while entering data in co-win portal at the time of enrolling the name. There are many places Government is making mandatory to prove the vaccination certificate for attending work at work place, Going abroad for education , Flying abroad on vacation , Inter-state movement, Joining to work place post unlock, Student studying outside India flying abroad etc.. one may need to show their Vaccination certificate. If there is error in Name it will be difficult to prove the identity match with existing ID proofs.

Now Co-win portal has enabled option to fix the error by raising an issue in the co-win portal. Kindly login using your mobile number which is provided for Vaccine and find your name with details of Vaccination date.

on top you will find option as ” Raise an issue

Name error fixing in Cowin portal

and Choose the name for whom you to correct the detail which can be : Name, Gender, Photo id number ,Year of Birth

Covid Vaccine certificate correction
Only once this can be submitted for correction

You can edit your certificate only once. The information displayed below will be updated in your certificate. Once updated the old certificate will be deleted and it will not be possible to reverse the changes.

I declare that the information submitted by me as displayed above, for correction in vaccination certificate, is true and correct. I am also aware that, if on verification, the information submitted by me is found to be incorrect, vaccination certificate may be revoked.


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