CBDT – Extension of Due Dates of Filing Returns and TDS/TCS for Tax Payers/Assessees

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On Account of the surge in COVID cases, the following dates have been extended by the CBDT
i) Due date for filing return of income for AY 2021-22 extended to 30th September, 2021 from 31st July, 2021 – Regular Assessees
ii) Due date of Filing Return of Income for Tax Audit Assessee – Extended to 30th November, 2021 from 31st October,2021
iii) Due date of furnishing Tax Audit Report extended to 31st October, 2021 from 30th September, 2021
iv) Due date of Filing Belated/Revised Return of income extended to 31st January, 2022 from 31st December, 2021
v) Due date of Transfer Pricing Study Report extended to 30th November, 2021
vi) SFT Due date extended to 30th June, 2021 from 31st May, 2021
vii) Statement of Reportable Account – extended to 30th June, 2021 from 31st May, 2021
viii) TDS Statement for Q4 of FY 2020-21 extended to 30th June, 2021 from 31st May, 2021
ix) Form 16 Issue Date – extended to 15th July, 2021 from 15th June, 2021


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