How Can You Register For COVID Vaccination for free ?

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Registration for vaccination against COVID-19 for all persons above 18 years will begin on CoWIN platform and Aarogya Setu app from April 28 2021:

Now Registration is open only for individuals with age 60 years or older (birth year 1961 or earlier). Individuals with age 45 years or older (birth year 1976 or earlier) can register if they have any comorbidity.:

How to register for COVID Vaccine for senior citizen

◐ Use Co-Win app, Aarogya Setu app or log on to

◐ Enter your mobile number

◐ Get an OTP to create your account

◐ Fill in your name, age, gender and upload an identity document

◐ If 45+, upload doctor’s certificate as comorbidity proof ( From 28th April It will accept all Age above 18 years )

◐ Choose centre, date

◐ Up to 4 appointments can be made by one mobile number

Other options are also available for senior citizens who are not tech-savvy. They can go to common service centres and get themselves registered. A call centre number – 1507 – can also be availed for the same.

Helpline is 1075
App is live on 1st march 2021.

Once registered the screen will show the following details:

Vaccine registration screen

The Drug Control General of India has approved two COVID-19 vaccines this year for restricted emergency use. To ensure that the vaccination process goes smooth when the national drive starts for the same, the Government of India has introduced CoWIN App

Further, the two COVID Vaccine India options to get the nod for widespread use are the Oxford University-AstraZeneca Covishield produced by Serum Institute of India and Covaxin by Bharat biotech.

How To Do COVID Vaccine Registration On CoWin App

You might have come around various applications on both play store and App Store with this name. However, this app is yet to launch and therefore the users should not download any such application as of now. Also, the version of the app has the record of over 75 lakhs health officials who will be the first batch to get vaccination.

Government is starting the world’s biggest vaccination drive with the priority groups that are categorised into the following categories:

  • Frontline workers
  • Integrated Child Development Services
  • Nurses and Supervisors
  • Paramedical staff
  • Medical Officers
  • Support Staff
  • Medical Students

As and when the app becomes available on the app store and play store, you will see four modules.

1. User administration module

2. Beneficiary registration

3. Vaccination and Beneficiary acknowledgement

4. Status Updation

Further, those interested in registration will get three options to do so –

1. Self- registration

2. Individual registration

3. Bulk upload.

When the user registers, a unique health ID is being generated which is then linked to the National Health Digital Mission. Also, the 24/7 control room is also capable of tracking the movement of the vaccine to the accuracy of each vial. Other factors that the app can track are temperature of the storage rooms and end to end vaccine delivery.

Do You Need Any Document?

For the registration to go through the system , an individual will require to upload photo identity. You can upload Driving License, Aadhar Card, Pan Card and any other government approved and accepted ID card. Further, among other options for registration 80% of the users have used Aadhar Card for authentication

Aarogya Setu For Registration

The Government has also announced that the users will be able to register through the Aarogya Setu app for the vaccination. Users who qualify under priority groups of the 27 crore elderly population can register through Aarogya Setu. As of now, only a few features are available for enrolment and vaccination through the Aarogya Setu app.

What is On-Spot Registration On CoWin App

The Union health ministry has upgraded the CoWIN app for alternative on-spot registration. Moreover, the authorities have take the move to ensure that if the beneficiaries registered for the day do not turn up, others in the order can appear.

Further, under the new arrangement even of the beneficiary is registered for some other day can take the jab, provided the registered beneficiary does not show up. Also, this has been done to smoothen the process and also ensure that the resources and manpower scheduled for that day do no turn to waste.

It has been noticed in some instances that citizens that had booked their appointment for COVID vaccination through the CoWIN portal, but did not actually go for vaccination on the scheduled date, have received notification through SMS that a vaccine dose has been administered to them. Upon examination, it has been found to occur largely on account of the Vaccinator wrongly marking the citizen as vaccinated, i.e. an instance of a data entry error by the vaccinator.

In order to minimize such errors and the subsequent inconvenience caused to the citizens, the CoWIN system is introducing a new feature of “4 digit security code” in the CoWIN application from 8th May 2021. Now, after verification if the beneficiary has been found as eligible,  before administering the vaccine dose, the verifier/vaccinator will ask beneficiary about his/her 4 digit code and then enter the same in the CoWIN system to correctly record the vaccination status.

This new feature will be applicable only for citizens who have done an online booking for a vaccination slot. The “4-digit security code” will be printed in the appointment acknowledgement slip and will not be known to the vaccinator. The four-digit code will also be sent in the confirmation SMS sent to beneficiary after successful booking of appointment.  The Appointment Acknowledgement slip can also be saved and shown from the mobile.

This will ensure that, for such citizens who have booked an online appointment, the data entries regarding vaccination status of a citizen, are recorded correctly and only for those who book online appointment and avail the services at the center where they have booked the appointment. This will also reduce the opportunities of impersonation and wrongful use of flexibilities provided in CoWIN for facilitating vaccination coverage.


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