Latest TDS Rate Chart FY 2020-21 (AY 2021-22)

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SectionIncome type Threshold limitIndividual/HUF TDS Rate in %
192Salary IncomeIncome Tax SlabSlab Rates
192AEPF-Premature WithdrawalRs 5000010% If no PAN, then TDS @ 30%
193Interest on SecuritiesRs 10000 (On Security of Central or State Govt )10%
194Dividend to ShareholdersRs 500010%
194KDividend by Mutual Fund CompaniesRs 500010%
194AInterest other than on Seucurities by Bank/Post Office (Like FDs)Rs 40000 (For Senior Citizens Rs 5000010%
194BWinning from Lotteries/Puzzle/GameRs 10000 30%
194BBWinning from Horse RaceRs 10000 30%
194DPayment of Insurance CommissionRs 15000 5%
194DAPayment in respect of Life Insurance PolicyRs 1000001%
194EEPayment of NSS DepositsRs 250010%
194GCommission on sale of Lottery TicketsRs 15000 5%
194HCommission or BrokerageRs 15000 5%
194IRent of Land, Building or FurnitureRs 24000010%
194IRent of plant and MachineryRs 2400002%
194IBRentRs 50000 (Per Month)5%
194IATransfer of immovable Property (other than Agricultural Land)Rs 50 Lakhs1%
194LBInterest from Infra BondsNA5%
194LDInterest on certain Bonds and Govt. SecuritiesNA5%

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