When corona will end ?

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Researcher in Singapore have predicted a date of 22nd of May 2020 where in we can see 97% decline in Covid-19 cases in India which is based on mathematical model. This will give a breather to most of us and across the globe researchers estimates December 2020 end to be decline of covid-19 cases .

When Will COVID-19 End is the question we keep getting from each and every corona infected countries across the word which has crossed 3 Million mark infected across with globe and claimed 2 million life.

Corona virus will end by 22nd of May 2020 upto 97% of the virus infection can turn to be a flattened curve and it comes as a breather for India at the same time the same website gives a disclaimer as Content from this website is STRICTLY ONLY for educational and research purposes and may contain errors. The model and data are inaccurate to the complex, evolving, and heterogeneous realities of different countries. Predictions are uncertain by nature. Readers must take any predictions with caution. Overly optimism based on some predicted end dates is dangerous because it may loosen our disciplines and controls and cause the turnaround of the virus and infection, and must be avoided.


For US This site predicts 97% end by May 11th 2020 which is a very good news but need to wait and watch looking at infection rate and daily death rate though as on death rate 1157 as on April 26th 2020 where as it was 2065 as on 25th of April 2020.

source : https://ddi.sutd.edu.sg/

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