COVID-19 – Here is the List of Services Allowed After April 20th 2020

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Government has released a list of  activities that will be allowed after April 20th 2020. In his address to the nation on 14th April 2020, Prime Minister Narendra Modi stated that list of services that will be allowed with some riders would be release by Ministry of Home affairs.

Let us look at the services that would be allowed after 20th April 2020

List of allowed Services

  • All health services such as hospitals, chemists, vet hospitals, drug manufacturing unit, medical equipment manufacturers and media infrastructure would be allowed.
  • Social Sector services and organisations that have been helping the in distribution of essential services during lockdown are allowed.

 Agriculture Sector

  • Agricultural procurement, marketing through notified mandis along with decentralized marketing, pesticides and fertilizers services would be open
  • Marine and inland fisheries activities will be allowed
  • Food processing industries that are in rural areas along with other construction projects in the rural area
  • Fishing, agriculture industry, coffee, tea and rubber plantations will be allowed
  • Animal husbandry farm, animal shelter homes, processing, distribution and sales of milk

Financial Sector

  • Banks, capital and debt markets notified under SEBI and insurance companies will remain open and functional
  • All insurance companies registered under IRDAI would remain open
  • SEBI, capital and debt market services as defined by Securities and Exchange Board of India would remain open

Goods and Transport

  • Circular mentions that transportation of goods will be allowed irrespective of essential and non-essential
  • All the land ports available for the transport of essential services.
  • Trucks movement is allowed, provided the number is not more than one driver and two helpers

All other essential services such as

  • Ration shops under Public distribution system dealing with food, vegetables, meat, fish etc
  • Cold storage and warehousing services
  • E-commerce and courier services
  • Hotels, accommodation, lodges and other such set up who are accommodating the tourists due to lockdown
  • Services offered by electricians, plumber and so on
  • Print and electronic media

Apart from this, Government has also mentioned other services that are allowed. Please refer to the Government issued circular to know more about the services.

What is not allowed?

The Ministry of Home Affairs has mentioned clearly about the services that are not allowed till May 3rd 2020. Following are the services:

  • Metros, buses, cab aggregators, auto rickshaws, taxis and other such transportation are not allowed
  • All education centres including coaching, training institutions to remain close
  • Malls, theatres, complexes, Gyms, entertainment parts, assembly halls and other such places of public gatherings
  • All religious places of worship will remain closed and any religious congregation will also not be allowed
  • For funerals, congregation of 20 people is allowed at maximum

Hotspots and Restrictions

Central and State Governments have identified the COVID-19 hotspots in every state. There is no relief for these hotspots till May 3rd. Authorities will ensure that the containment zones are marked in these hotspots as per the guidelines provided. The authorities will have to make sure that there is no inside or outside activity of the residents happening during in these zones. Please read the attached PDF of guidelines to know more.


MHA Guidelines


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