Coronavirus Pandemic – Here is how you can get an e-Pass

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Corona virus has hit major part of the world and the countries are grappling to curb the growth of the deadly virus in their own way. India on the other hand has taken a rather unique and courageous step of national lockdown in order to slow down the growth of corona virus and make people practice social distancing. According to Ministry of Health, this lockdown has helped the nation to slow down the growth rate of COVID-19 drastically.

However, essential services are something that cannot be stopped and therefore the government has ensured that the providers of essential services such as food, healthcare etc can avail e-Pass and produce it to the authorities as and when required. To this effect, the Government has also released a list all those services that can be considered as e-Pass and therefore one can get the e-pass made. Here is the full list of essential services:

List of the Essential Services 

  • Police
  • Fire
  • Law& Order
  • Food Supply
  • Water
  • Government Health Officials
  • Treasury
  • Media
  • Bank/ATM visit
  • Patient
  • Employees of Public Bank
  • Urban Local Bodies
  • Rural development Bodies
  • Postal Services
  • Case of Death
  • Transports services carrying essentials
  • Other Govt. employees
  • Distribution supply transportation
  • Employees of Private Banks
  • Essential distribution of supply
  • Miscellaneous
  • Private Telecom/Internet services
  • Private Courier
  • Retailers

People who are offering the services in any of the above mentioned services or any other miscellaneous service as approved by the authorities can get their pass generated online.

State wise E-Pass websites

Every State has ensured that they have a running website to facilitate people applying and generating their e-Pass. However, the basic format and the details required to be filled in remain more or less same for all the States. Let’s have a look at the procedure of applying for e-Pass in Delhi.

Step 1

Visit the website

Step 2

An individual can select from the drop down the reason for which the e-Pass is required. Delhi Government has given 5 options and it might change according to the States

Step 3

On selecting the reason and clicking on ‘Submit’, a form opens where an individual should fill information such as:

  • Contact Number
  • Name of the Applicant
  • Address of the Office or place of engagement
  • Type of service
  • From Date
  • Till Date
  • From Time
  • To Time
  • District
  • ID Proof
  • Any other document

Once these details are submitted, the applicant will receive e-Pass ID with which one can check the application status. Individuals can check the status and once the application is approved, they can get their e-Passes.

Similarly, other states have also started giving e-Passes barring few of them and individuals can avail the services.

Who needs to apply for e-Pass?

The State authorities have made it clear that Hospital employees do not require to apply for e-pass in case they can produce their official IDs as and when required. Similarly, e-Pass is not a requirement for emergency situation. However, for routine check-ups and reasons like elective surgery would require the patients to apply for e-pass.

Individuals should keep checking for any changes in the information required etc on e-pass websites of the respective states.




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