Coronavirus – Government makes Thermal Scanning Mandatory For The Establishments

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In the wake of novel coronavirus, the ministry of Home affairs has issued fresh guidelines to set certain precautions to combat the virus . The Government has made it mandatory that all private establishments will have to follow the strict guidelines such as masks and thermal thermometers.

During his address, the Prime Minister did indicate that certain establishments will open after April 20th 2020. However, there are certain guidelines set by the ministry of home affairs that all private placements will have to follow.

Guidelines set by MHA

The ministry of home affairs has stated that thermal screening of everyone who is going in and out of the premise is mandatory. Further, these establishments will have to ensure that medical insurance of all the employees are done. Further, the government has also stated that the entire area in the private establishments should be disinfected completely with the help of “user-friendly disinfectant mediums.”

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How Thermal Scanning Works?

Thermal Cameras or scanners capture the body heat generated by any object or person therefore creating a 2 image with various temperature levels. Like all live objects emit infrared energy, human body does too. So when a person is in proximity to the thermal screener and has higher temperature than the decided threshold, the computer screen will show different color that the one who has normal temperature. The camera can be adjusted for detecting a certain threshold, for instance detecting the temperature over 101 degrees. There is an image associated with every pixel of the image and therefore the cameras with higher resolution can be better at scanning.

Thermal scanning has been used in the past as well to detect the higher body temperature during SARS virus outbreak, Ebola outbreak and so on. It was used in on Mumbai airport in 2009 during the swine flu outbreak.

Benefits of Thermal Screening Device

One of the benefits of thermal screening is that it can measure the temperature of multiple people at once. This advantage makes thermal screening an obvious choice for detecting high temperature in public places.

Unlike the traditional thermometers which have to come in contact with the body, thermal screeners are contactless and therefore highly reduce the chance of any sort of infection

Data collection capacity of thermal scanners is also one of the benefits of using them. The data can be collected in the centralized database.

Thermal screening can also be integrated with other non-invasive technology such as alarm systems, facial recognition which can give extra ammunition towards the fight

It is easy to set up the thermal screening solutions at the public places and specifically used in case of fast response requirement

Just like fast and easy installation, the thermal screeners can also be removed quickly and used at the place of emergency.

What is the temperature threshold?

The temperature threshold for identifying fever in adults according to Centers of Disease Control and Prevention is 100.4 degrees. However, the challenge in case of COVID-19 is that it takes around 2-4 weeks to show fever as a symptom for the person who is infected with the virus.

Various health organizations are stating that those who are getting down with fever should rest and drink plenty of fluids rather than rushing to the hospitals. If the fever is accompanies with other common symptoms such as digestive issues, fatigue etc then immediate self – isolation is the first option that that an individual should follow.

Worse symptoms would include shortness of breath and extreme joint pains. In such a condition one should seek the doctors advise immediately.


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