e-Lost report – Karnataka Government Takes A Progressive Step

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E-lost report is an online app re-launched by the Government of Karnataka in December 2019. It was initially launched on July 15, 2016. The purpose of the app is to facilitate and help its users in case of loss of an item. The lost item can be a document, cash, mobile, gold, a wallet or any other precious item of a person.

This app is a boon for the users as usually people do not run to the police station to report about such items. This is because the procedure is very complicated and they need to run to various places.

How does the app works?

Now the citizens of Bengaluru and Delhi do not need to go to a police station in order to report the loss and register their complaint. Rather, they can do so online anywhere and anytime via the e-lost report app. All they are required to do is to download the e-lost app and log on using their email id to forward their loss complaints. Once the complaint is registered, a digitally signed copy acknowledging the lost report will be sent to the complainant on their registered e-mail id. This digitally signed copy can be authenticated and verified by the authorities. To register the report, the citizen only needs to provide some basic details like name, date and time of the incident and brief facts about the lost item. Then the user will be redirected to a page that has some categories from where the user can choose from. After that, the lost report will be generated and acknowledged.

Benefits of the app:

This app brings a number of benefits for the users:

  • E-lost report app can be downloaded on any smartphone of Android version 4.0 or above. It can be downloaded on the iPhone also.
  • The app also provides the users with an option to ‘retrieve’ the report and to check the status of their report online.
  • The registered user can click on the ‘Report Found’ option to check whether the lost item is recovered or not.
  • The user is allowed to download the report in PDF form and can get it in printed form.
  • Also, the user will be contacted and notified very soon when the lost article is found by the police.
  • The app has a ‘FAQ’ section whereby the user can check out the procedure and get their doubts and queries resolved in relation to the whole process while registering the report.
  • This app helps to save a lot of time, money and effort.


According to recent tweets and information, this app is getting very much popularized and is getting flooded by a number of complaints. About 300 cell phones have been traced under the e-lost app and returned to their owners. However, the user can report only about the lost items on this app. Thus, it will not report complaints about missing person, theft, murder, robbery, rape, etc.


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