GSTR-9 Annual return workshop in Bangalore

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Annual Return (Theory) (3 hours)

1. Meaning of Annual Return 

2. Different Types of Annual Returns 

3. Who need to file Annual Returns? 

4. Preconditions of filing form GSTR9 
5. Explaining the terminology used in GSTR1 & GSTR3B 

6. Difference Between GSTR9 & GSTR9C 

7. What happens once filed the GSTR9 in GSTN ledger 

8. Drawbacks & Issues in GSTR9 and its suggestions 

Annual Return Topics covered (Practical) (5 hours)

1. Details of Advances, Inward and Outward Supplies made during the financial year on which tax is payable 

2. Details of Outward Supplies Made During the financial year on which tax is not payable 

3. Details of ITC Availed during the financial year. 

4. Details of ITC Reversed and Ineligible ITC for the financial Year 

5. Other ITC Related Information 

6. Details of Tax Paid as Declared in returns filed during the financial year 

7. Details of the previous financial year’s transactions reported in next Financial Year 


Parijatha Gateway – Premium Business Hotel, 26/4 & 5, Dr.Raj Kumar Road 
Opposite Govt. Soap Factory, Rajajinagar, Bangalore – 560055 
( Lunch and High tea provided)

CONTACTSANTHOSH KUMAR – 9902 977 233 / 9342103552

Register online here


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