Procedure of Registration of Beneficiary on ICEGATE

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The Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs in one of its recent circulars has requested all the beneficiaries transacting with customs, including importer and exporter, to register themselves at ICEGATE.

Things to know before Registration
Single Window Interface for Facilitating Trade has been introduced already. It would enable the integration of Customs and other Participating Agencies for simple processing of Import or Export procedures. A notable feature of SWIFT is eSANCHIT that enables the traders to submit all the clearance documents electronically. To simplify it further, CBIC is including PGAs under eSANCHIT. Under this procedure, the documents can be uploaded by the PGAs who issued LPCOs. For making this paperwork furthermore simplified, CBIC is bringing in all PGAs under eSANCHIT whereby documents will be uploaded by the PGAs who issue LPCOs, that is, Licenses, Permits, Certificates, and Other Authorizations and not by the importer/exporter. When a PGA upload the LPCO, an IRN (Image reference number), which is unique to each document, will be generated by the system.
Also, there are possibilities of launching a pilot to test the eSanchit facility for PGAs with three PGAs and if it is successful, the eSanchit facility will be available for all the PGAs that will reduce the physical interface between customs and clearing agents and increase the speed of clearance.
Hence, all the importers or exporters, custom brokers or any beneficiary related to customs are required to register themselves on ICEGATE, an e-commerce portal introduced by the Indian Customs. ICEGATE website offers many services like e-payment, online registration for IPR, tracking of document status, online verification of import licenses, importer-exporter code status etc. Taxpayers have been provided with a facility to see information about transmission status of export data/records to the ICEGATE from GST portal, to track the status of refund of IGST paid on goods exported out of India.

Procedure for registration on ICEGATE:
To register on ICEGATE, the steps are as follows:
1) login to the ICEGATE portal.
2) On the home page, under the downloads option, click on registration demo.
3) The registration demo displays all the documents required to register on ICEGATE. Make sure all the documents are self-attested.
4) Click on the sign up link to register as a new user.
5) Enter the desired ICEGATE id and e-mail id and check the availability.
6) From the drop-down menu that appears under the user role and user type option, select custom broker/CHA and license holder/F card holder respectively if you want to register as CHA F-Card holder.
7) Then, the CHA PAN no. will be asked. Verify your CHA PAN no.
8) After ensuring correctness of all the basic details required to be filled, click on confirm.
9) Some personal details of the user will be asked. Select the appropriate photo ID and fill the details carefully and upload digital signature. Also, select the certificate name and click on OK. On the additional dialog box that appears, click on OK.
10) Confirm the details after going through all the terms and conditions.
11) An OTP will be sent to the registered email is. Submit the OTP.
12) Wait for the registration confirmation message.

If you want to register for CHA G-card holder, under the user role and user type option, select custom broker/CHA and license holder/G card holder respectively. Enter the ICEGATE id of F-Card holder and click on verify. Other processes will remain the same as in case of registration as F-Card holder.

If you want to register as IEC holder, select the option IEC holder from the User role and User type drop-down menu. Enter your IEC and click on verify. Other steps that need to be followed in case of F-card holder are also required to be followed here in the same way.

While registering as IEC Authorized Person, Select “IEC Holders” from User role, select “IEC Authorized Person” from User type, enter “ICEGATE ID” of IEC Holder and click the “Verify” button. All other processes will be same as registering for F-Card holder.

Likewise, if you want to Signup as Air Line/Console Agent/Shipping Line/Shipping Agent, Select the “Air lines/Console Agents/Shipping Lines/ Shipping agents” from the “User Role” dropdown. Further processes will be same.

And if you are going to Signup as Custodians, Select “Custodians” from the User Role dropdown and Select the “Custodian User” from the “User Type” dropdown. Enter your Custodian Code and click the verify button. Other procedures will be same as F-Card holder registration.


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