Class 3 DSC Signature and E-tendering- What you need to know

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Class 3 Digital Signature is used for e-tendering and is considered to be the signature of the highest level. The importance of the Class 3 DSC lies in the fact that it enables safety of the user. An Individual who is applying for tenders through e-tendering route would always want to know that his transactions are safe. Class 3 Digital Signature has been designed to do exactly the same. There are two validity period of Class 3 Digital Signature – One year and Two Years.

According to the Information Technology Act, Class 3 Digital Signatures are mandatory for those who are looking to apply for e-Procurement, e-ticketing, e-tendering, Copyright, Initial Public Offering process, Trademark filing procedure for various websites in India.

Digital Signature Certificates and e-tendering
e- Procurement Process – Digital Signature is compulsory for all the e-Procurement Process. The e-Procurement process involves enabling, integrating and streamlining the entire procurement process.
Government Tender – A lot of people might want to avoid the whole process of getting the Digital Signature thinking that they can apply for the tender offline. However, the Government offers various benefits for filing tender online. It is possible to get the acknowledgements and receipts immediately in e-tendering. However, that is not the case in the offline mode. Therefore, any organization that wants to file the Government eTender should have the Class 3 Digital Signature Certificate registered in the name of a representative who submits the offers for e-Tendering applications.

How to get the Class 3 DSC Certificate?
Individual who wants to get the Digital Certificate can get it from the licensed certifying Authority. Here Certifying Authority implies the person who has the license to issue a Digital signature certificate as per Section 24 of the Information Technology Act, 2000. The CA would take around a week to issue a DSC.
Class I DSC is used for validating the email address of the user
Class II DSC comes in handy where the identity of the person has to be verified against a trusted, pre-verified database.
Class 3 DSC certificate, as we discussed above it meant for e-tendering process and procurement process. To obtain the certificate, an Individual should be present before the registration Authority. It is required to prove the Identity.

In order to get the DSC Certificate, an Individual should
• Submit the DSC Application Form
• Should have the ID Proof and produce the same when asked for
• Should have the Address Proof and Produce the same when required
Once you have applied and obtained the DSC certificate, there are few things to be remembered. First, one should know that the DSC certificate is issued only for maximum 2 years. However, it is possible to renew the certificate after the expiry of two years. An Individual can have different DSCs for official as well as personal purpose. Digitally signed documents can be produced in legal courts as the evidence or proof.

Visit for obtaining class 3 or class 2 Digital signature


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