DIR-3 KYC 15 days time given with a fee of Rs.500

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MCA has notified today to give another 15 days time to comply with DIR-3 ekyc for pending 2 million directors whose DIN status is turned to deactivated. 
As you are aware the last date for filing form DIR-3 KYC without fee has expired on 15th September 2018. The process of deactivating the non-compliant DINs is in progress and is likely to be completed by 20th September 2018. Please note that the form DIR-3 KYC will not be available for filing during the pendency of this activity (from 16th September 2018 to 20th September 2018).

DIR-3 KYC fee has been reduced to INR 500/- from INR 5,000/- for 15 days, amendment notification dated 20.09.2018 vide Companies (registration office and Fees) 5th Amendment Rules, 2018


During last 2 days MCA server never worked to upload many DIR-3 forms and ICAI has given representation to extent time by another 15 days instead of Rs.5000 as a fees and Government has amended the ACT and allowed last chance to save the DIN status. This is last chance kindly read our posting in DIR filing and comply with your DIN status.

If you need Digital signature and DIR-3 filing feel free to contact us @ saidigitalsignature@gmail.com or call 09902977233 or visit www.saidigitalsignature.com 

Notification http://mca.gov.in/Ministry/pdf/RegistrationOfficesFeesFifthAmendmentRules_20092018.pdf   http://mca.gov.in/Ministry/pdf/AppointmentAndQualificaitonSixthAmendmentRules_20092018.pdf


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