Different Types OF ITR Status And How To Check It Online

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Taxpayers should regularly check their ITR status to ensure that the Income Tax Return has been accepted and processed. Income-tax Department has provided access to check Income-tax Return Status in user login. However, not every tax payer understands the meaning of checking the status means after they file the return.

Different types of ITR status:

Submitted and pending for e-verification: this status appears on the screen:  When you have filed the ITR but have not e-verified it. You have  sent the acknowledgement to the department but the same has not been received by the department.

Successfully e-verified: Tax payers who see the ‘successfully e-verified status’, need not to worry because they have submitted the ITR and it has been duly verified. However, it has yet to be processed.

Processed: In this case, the return is successfully processed by the department and it is processed without any discrepancies.

Defective: This status is shown when your ITR hasn’t been filed according to provisions of the law. If your return is found defective then you will be receiving a notice of defective return under section 139(9) which calls for amendments to be made within 15 days of getting the notice.  In case, the taxpayer does not respond within the set time limit, then ITR shall not be treated as a valid return.

Case transferred to Assessing Officer: This status means the Centralized Processing Centre of the IT department has transferred the ITR to the jurisdictional assessing officer to process it. The center usually transfers only such cases to the assessing officer which may involve complexities and difficulties that could not be processed without any human interference and thus require the assessing officer to step in and resolve the issues.

If your case has been transferred to the jurisdictional assessing officer, then just wait for a communication from the respective officer. The assessing officer may ask you to provide necessary evidence in support of your claim or assertions to process the return.

If the income tax department finds any discrepancies between the income declared, the tax paid and the data available, an intimation shall be issued to the taxpayer to explain the discrepancy

if you want to check the ITR status, here are 2 easy ways to check the status of your ITR: 

1. Using acknowledgement number without login credentials 
On the homepage of the e-filing website i.e. (https://www.incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in/home), on the extreme left under the services tab, click the ITR Status option.

after clicking the option you will be redirected to a new page where you need to fill out your PAN number, acknowledgement number of ITR and the captcha code.

After you fill out your details and submit, the status of your ITR will be displaye

2.  Using login credentials 
Login to the e-filing website (https://www.incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in/home) and on the dashboard you’ll see ‘View Returns / Forms’ option.

Go the ‘View Returns / Forms’ option, from the dropdown menu select income tax returns and assessment year and click on submit. 

On submitting, the status will be displayed on the screen showing if the given ITR is only verified or if it has been processed. 


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