What is Virtual ID and how to get one on UIDAI platform?

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The Virtual ID is the temporary random number linked to the Aadhar number of an Individual. The number is revocable, and it is not possible to extract the information about Aadhaar through the Virtual ID. Just like Aadhar, Virtual ID can also be used for authentication in various cases. At present the authorities have made it possible to generate the VID through the UIDAI’s portal. UIDAI has instructed entities to start upgrading their system so that they can accept VID.

Where can VID be used

Just like Aadhaar, VID can also be used for different purposes. An Individual who possess Aadhar and has generated the Virtual ID can use it for the different purposes such as :-

  • Bank Account opening
  • Tatkal Passport
  • Government Subsidies
  • Insurance Policies
  • Digital signature

Above mentioned all the actions can be completed feeding the 16 digit VID number instead of revealing Aadhar.

How to generate virtual ID?

  • Go to the UIDAI homepage and access VID generator under the tab Aadhar services
Virtual ID Home Page

Virtual ID Home Page

  • Enter your Aadhar number, captcha and click on the ‘send OTP’ . The OTP would be sent to the Aadhar registered mobile number.
Virtual ID OTP page

Virtual ID OTP page

  • After entering the OTP, the next step would be to click on the option of generating VID or retrieve the one registered previously(if any). Click the submit button to get the VID on your registered mobile number.
Virtual ID generation Page

Virtual ID generation Page


UIDAI has mentioned that banks would have until August 31st to deploy the new feature. The authorities have taken the decision to launch the VID option in response to growing concerns and complaints regarding the personal data and demographic details.

As of now few agencies that have migrated to the newer system and deployed the software  (Auth API 2.5 and e-KYC API 2.5)  would be able to accept the Virtual ID. UIDAI has categories the agencies into two heads namely

  • Local – Telecom companies
  • Global – Banks

UIDAI has also mentioned that the telecom and e-sign companies that fail to deploy the VID system from July 1st 2018 would be charged Rs 0.20 for every transaction. In case, these companies are able to migrate the whole system by July 31st, the authentication charges imposed for the said period would be waived off.

User would be able to generate multiple VIDs and every time the new VID is generated, older one would get cancelled. The move would help the agencies to strengthen the process as well as limit the Aadhar number collection by various agencies.


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