How to change GST Username and Password ?

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GST registered users have often complained that they are facing issues in changing their username and password. In several cases, the intermediaries who were hired by these taxpayers to complete the process of registration used their own email and mobile number which has made it difficult for them to take the full control of their account. Keeping this in perspective the Finance Ministry has now come up with the option of changing GST username and password.

The concerned ministry has  laid down the steps which are required to be fulfilled by the taxpayer who wants to change the username and password. Here is the detailed process.

GST Username

GST Username

Step 1 – The registered user will have to visit the concerned jurisdictional Tax officer in order to get the new password for the GSTIN allotted to the business.

Step 2 – In order to check which jurisdiction the taxpayer would fall,  or would come in handy. Once you reach the website, the concerned jurisdiction would appear in red.

Step 3 – To change the GST username and password, the registered taxpayer should have the valid documents with him that can be provided to the tax officer as proof of his/her identity and to give the proof of the business details related to his/her GSTIN.

Step 4 – Upon receiving the request and the require documents, the tax officer would check whether the said person is added as a Authorized Signatory or Stakeholder for that GSTIN in the system before approving GST username and password change.

Step 5 – Thereafter, necessary proof would be uploaded by the Tax officer to validate the activity.

Step 6 – New email and mobile number would be added as per the information provided by the taxpayer.

Step 7 – Once the document is uploaded, the tax officer would then need to reset the password for the GSTIN in the system

Step 8 – Both GST username and password would be conveyed to the taxpayer through the email address provided and entered on the portal.

Step 9 – Once the changes have been made, the taxpayer would be required to login on the GST portal with the help of first time login link given in the mail.

Step 10 – Once inside the account, the system would ask the taxpayer to change the temporary GST username and password with the permanent one.


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