Advance Tax Payment – How to pay it online

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Advance Tax Payment can go incredibly in the favor of a taxpayer by relieving him of the last minute hustle such as missing the proper documents and so on.  Since June 15, the last day of paying the advance tax is on the verge, taxpayers who have planned for the advance payment should hurry up and take the benefit. Here are few important things that one should know before proceeding with the Advance Tax Payment.

Coming to the eligibility, advance tax can be paid by the businessman as well as salaried professionals. It can be done by anyone irrespective of the profession and budget. However, senior citizens and those using Presumptive Schemes are exempted from this. Also, those individuals who have availed presumptive schemes wherein the business income is assumed to be less a ballpark figure of 8% do not need to pay advance tax.

Advance tax Payment

Advance tax Payment

Due Dates

Advance Tax Due DateAmount Payable as Advance Tax
On or prior to 15th of June15% of the Advance Tax
On or prior to 15th of September45% of the Advance Tax
On or prior to 15th December75% of the Advance Tax
On or prior to 15th March100% of the Advance Tax

Procedure to pay advance tax

Step 1 – Before starting with the payment an Individual should check whether his bank is registered for online income tax payment. In case the bank is not listed, it would not be possible to make the payment online through your bank. The bank account can or cannot be yours and it can simply be used to make the payment.

Step 2 – So, when the bank is listed, visit and login

Step 3- Go to the service dropdown and select e-payment

Step 4 – Tap the CHALLAN No/ITNS  280

Step 5 – Taxes applicable would be 0021 (Income Tax other than companies)

Step 6 – Assessment year would be 2019-20

Step 7 – In the type pf payment you need to select 100 (Advance tax)

Step 8 – The taxpayer should enter the PAN along with other personal details

Step 9 – Click on the PROCEED button and the name alongside the PAN would appear on the screen. In case the name is wrong the PAN card entered might be wrong

Step 10 – Once the right name appears, click the SUBMIT button

Step 11 – Once the submit button is hit, it would direct an individual to the bank’s website. Login to the bank account and enter the amount of tax next to the income tax field to make the payment.

Step 12 – Save the transaction ID

Step 13 – Save/print the challan file

Remitting advance tax payment

While the corporate taxpayers including Private limited company or One person company and limited company and taxpayers who need to get their account audited should pay advance tax payment through the internet banking facility. In case, an individual is not covered under any of the categories mentioned before and salary taxpayers can pay the tax through internet banking or by depositing with challan at an authorized bank.


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