How to Verify GST number and Compliance of GST holder ?

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GST compliance rating , Verify GST number:

After implementation of GST on 1st of July 2017 now India bracing for One India One tax Regime and all business owners will be using uniform Tax rate across India. Unlike earlier regime of VAT from State Government and Service tax from Central Government  there was no mechanism to verify the credibility of the vendors whom we deal with in regular business activity.

But now just by getting their GST number you can verify all details including trade name, Type of GST registration, when it is registered, 

You can click on the link here 

and enter GST number to get following details:

GST number verification

GST number verification

It will also give history of each GST holder too like GSTR-1 and GSTR3-B is filed or not?

This information will help you to rate your vendor as well. If you can find that your vendor has filed GSTR-3B and GSTR-1 well in time then you can be assured of your GST credit to flow to your account or else you will end up following up with him for GST credit and even GST may charge interest on such not received credit too. It will give full details of date of filing.

This is like a due diligence before approving quotation of your vendor for provision of services and Goods.

This search is available for public view and GST registered dealers will be forced to maintain good score to get new business or else they will end up getting rejected.

This facility is like self audit of once profile. If some one fails to make regular GST payment he will not be in business for long and it will definitely  benefit honest tax payers who always keep asking what will I get for honest compliance.

GSTR3b has to be filed before 20th of succeeding month for the previous month sales.

GST compliance rating

GST compliance rating


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