PF-Adhaar mismatch -How to Rectify details in EPFO Account

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Provident Fund is the saving on which you rely after the retirement. However, many a times small glitches can make the process of applying for PF very complicated on the EPFO website. In such a case you will have to make sure that the details that you have given at the time of creating the PF account in the organization should match with that of Aadhar.

In case, for some reason the details are not matching, here are the simple steps that should be followed.

If you as an employee are willing to correct the details against the Universal Account Number(UAN), employee and the employer should give a joint request to the EPFO.

Pre-requisites to make the changes:-

·       Active UAN

·       Aadhar Number

Once the employer is convinced that the changes have to be made, you will have to send those changes to the employer on the Member Unified Portal. Upon receiving the request the details of Aadhar and the one given by the employee will be matched. Once done, the request would be sent to the employer who in turn will transfer the same to the EPFO.

Steps to Change the Details

Step1 Access and login using the UAN and password

EPFO EPFO Detail Change Home Page

EPFO Detail Change Home Page

Step 2 –Click “Manage>Modify Basic Details”

EPFO Basic Details

EPFO Basic Details

Step 3 – Fill in the correct details as per Aadhaar (System will verify the details entered with UIDAI- Aadhaar Data)

EPFO Aadhar Details

EPFO Aadhar Details

Step 4 – Click the tab” Update Details” on the previous screen and the request would be submitted to the employer for approval thereof. If the employee wants to withdraw the request, he can do so by pressing “Delete Request”

EPFO Final Page

EPFO Final Page

Process to be followed by the employer

Step 1: Login to the Employer Interface of United Portal

Step 2: Employer can see the change requests submitted by employees by clicking on “Member>Details Change Request”

Step 3: Once the request is approved, employer would be able to track the status of request

Step 4: Once the Employer has approved the request, it would display in the login of Dealing Hand of the concerned EPFO office, in the Field office Interface of Unified Portal.

Step 5: Dealing Hand would login and track the online change request by clicking “Member>Details Change Request”.

Step 6: Verification is taken by Dealing hand after which the recommendation is submitted to the Section Supervisor.

Step 7: RPFC can Approve/ Reject the cases



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