GSTR 5 is now open for filing – How Non-Resident can file GST return ?

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GST consists a special provision of filing for the non residents under GSTR 5 form. The form is now available and any non-resident taxpayers and the dealers who have come for a limited time to make supplies in India can file. Since the products are normally imported to make local supplies , such dealers can avail the benefit of Input tax credit on IGST on imports. Before understanding the procedure of filing the GSTR 5, it is important to get a hold some important question. Two important inquiries which emerge out of the discussion are:

  1. Who is a non-resident foreign taxpayer
  2. How can they register
  3. Is the registration temporary or are they given permanent status

A non resident taxpayer is an individual who sporadically does a transaction involving the supply of goods and services or both. He makes those transactions wither as principal or agent. He can also make the transaction in any other capacity but would not have a fixed place for business in India and neither the residence. All those non-resident foreign taxpayers who do not reside in India but occasionally make transactions, supply goods for a short period of time are liable to pay the tax.

What Are the Prerequisites ?

  • Individual should be a non resident foreign taxpayer who does not have any business establishment in India.
  • He should have temporary GST registration for the period during which the business has to be carried in India

Procedure To File GSTR -5

1.Visit URL

  1. Login to the GST Portal with the credentials
  2. Click theServices > Returns > Returns Dashboardcommand.

Alternatively, you can also click the Returns Dashboard link on the Dashboard.

GSTR -5 Return Dashboard

GSTR -5 Return Dashboard

4.On the File Returns page, select the Financial Year&Return Filing Period (Month) for which the return has to be filed.

5. Click the SEARCH button

GSTR 5 FY&Month Tab

GSTR 5 FY&Month Tab

  1. Click the Prepare ONLINE button to prepare the return by making entries on the GST Portal
Prepare Online Page

GSTR -5 filing continued

  1. Generate GSTR Summary by clicking the GENERATE GSTR5 SUMMARY button on the GSTR-5 – Return for Non-resident taxable person page. The details about the auto drafted supplies of goods &services page would be displayed.
GSTR Summary


Check out for the conformation message on the top of the page. Thereafter, you can check the status

Status Page


8- Enter the Details in the Import of Good Tiles

GSTR 5 Import of Goods Tile

GSTR 5 Import of Goods Tile

9 – Enter the Details in Outward Supplies Tile

Outward Supply in GSTR5

Outward Supply in GSTR5

10 – Enter the Details in the B2C(large) Invoices

GSTR5 B2C Invoice Tile

GSTR5 B2C Invoice Tile

Under the last three heads there would be many subheads which should be filled by the taxpayer

11.Thereafter, Preview of the GSTR 5  filing can be accessed by clicking on Preview button. Upon Clicking the Button GSTR-5 summary page would open which can be downloaded and reviewed. The PDF file will have watermark of draft as the details are yet to be submitted.


GSTR-5 summary page

  1. Tick the Acknowledgement check-box which states that the tax payer has reviewed the information and finds it to be correct.

Once the Submit button is Clicked, no changes can be made.

GSTR 5 Acknowledgement Page

GSTR 5 Acknowledgement Page


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