Employee Provident Fund – How to check the Balance

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Employee Provident Fund is one of the biggest benefits that the companies offer us to ensure that we part ways with a little portion of the salary and save it in Provident Fund which becomes a huge corpus and serves us after retirement. However, not everyone knows that all the EPF functionalities have now been made available online and everything from withdrawing the fund to checking the passbook online has become easier.

For those who are not aware on how to access their Passbook online, here are the steps that would help you out:

Step 1 – Go to the EPFO website epfindia.gov.in. Click on e-Passbook towards the right. There would be prompt to enter the UAN number, password and captcha code. Unique Account Number is important as it is inclusive of all the IDs provided to an individual by different firm.

Employee Provident Fund UAN Page

Employee Provident Fund UAN Page

Step 2 – Click on the member-id to view the e-passbook and know the Employee Provident Fund balance.

Employee Provident Fund Balance Page

Employee Provident Fund Balance Page

Checking the Balance Through Missed Call

Over time it has become more convenient to know the balance of the Employee Provident Fund account as the employees can now get to know the balance through a missed call. Subscribers who have registered UAN portal can dial 011-22901406 from their registered mobile number. However the pre-requisite for getting the balance on the phone is that the number must be activated with UAN at the official website of EPFO. Also, if the subscriber is looking to receive details about the last contribution and PF balance, the UAN must be linked with any one of the bank account numbers, Aadhaar and permanent account numbers (PAN) This service is available for free.

Checking Balance Through SMS

It is also possible now to know the latest Employee Provident Fund contribution and balance by sending an SMS to 7738299899 from the registered mobile number. An Individual just needs to type “EPFOHO UAN” to 7738299899. Also, to make it simpler, the facility is offered in 10 languages:











If you want to get the SMS in any other language other than default English, first three characters of the preferred language should be added after UAN. For instance, to get the message in Tamil, the message should be “EPFOHO UAN TAM” to 7738299899.

Umang App

Apart from the above three methods, it is also possible to check the balance through Umang app by clicking on EPFO. Members would land on the page of employee centric services, employer centric services, general services, Jeevan Praman, eKYC services. Tap on the ‘employee centric services and would transfer you to the page that enables passbook view and raise and track claim.

Employees should always track the contribution made by the employer and the latest balance. In the past, there have been scandals where the employers deduct the amount from salary but do not deposit it to the account, therefore employee bearing the tax burden.


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