GST registration obtained but not have time to check about filing ???

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GST registration obtained but not have time to check about filing ???:

As per the recent report from Government only 69% of registered tax payers have filed return and means 31% of registered tax payers under GST have not bothered about filing GST returns.

Local GST office have started issuing notice which reads like the following:

Notice to return defaulter u/s 46 for not filing return 

Tax Period – February-2018                           Type of Return – GSTR 3B

  1. Being a registered taxpayer, you are required to furnish return for the supplies made or received and to discharge resultant tax liability for the aforesaid tax period by due date. It has been noticed that you have not filed the said return till date.
  2. You are, therefore, requested to furnish the said return within 15 days failing which the tax liability will be assessed u/s 62 of the Act, based on the relevant material available with this office. Please note that in addition to tax so assessed, you will also be liable to pay interest and penalty as per provisions of the Act.
  3. Please note that no further communication will be issued for assessing the liability.
  4. The notice shall be deemed to have been withdrawn in case the return referred above, is filed by you before issue of the assessment order.

If one assumes that I have no taxable turnover and not needed to file my GST return means you are wrong. I here with enclosing penalty liability of  a Nil return filer.

Late fees for non filing of GST return

Late fees for non filing of GST return

If you approach any of your customers with a track of non-compliance of GST return you will get a note from them sorry file your return first and ask for further business. In fact they may withhold your payment too till you settle your GST liability. It is like self reconciliation between buyer and seller. If one wish to get regular business they must maintain good GST complainace score or else they end up getting eliminated from market.


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