Digital Scan copies of DL, RC Book and Insurance is valid

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Most of the time we have seen cases Traffic police or RTO’s asking vehicle owners to show original RC cards, Driving license or Insurance documents and as a reason of safety owners of the vehicle will not carry those and end-up paying fine in spite of having scan images of those documents and department will not accept those scan copies. Now there is relief from Department only . Thanks to Digital India!!!!!!!!!

Department of transport in collaboration with Department of e-Governance has provided the services of Department of Transport on Digi Locker platform. With this, Citizens can download their Driving licence (DL), Registration Certificates (RC) and Emission Certificates (EC) to their Digi Locker account. Department of Transport has issued notification that these downloaded documents by Citizens in their Digi locker will be treated as original on par with certificate issued by the department in the form of Smart card or Paper form.

Please download these documents on Digi-locker and drive hassle free and upload your documents.


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