Form(s) getting resubmitted is/are not pre-scrutinized

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“Form(s) getting resubmitted is/are not pre-scrutinized. Make sure that each form getting resubmitted is pre-scrutinized successfully. ” Many of the users get this error while re-submitting Spice forms like 32, Spice 33 and Spice 34 .  Even when you open the PDF it would have been done with Pre-scrutiny Masked as completed.

The only solution to fix this issue will be download Fresh Spice INC 32 form and re-fill all details and attach needed documents and affix signature of Both Applicant and Practicing professional and try re-submitting the Spice 32 and Spice 33 and Spice 34 as re-submission with the existing SRN number.

This will solve the issue of Re-submission issue.


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  1. Dear Sir,

    Prescrutiny Error is coming while uploading Spice+ form on resubmission. Do you have any idea how to resolve this ?

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