How to prepare GSTR 2 ?

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Most of us have already filed GSTR3B and GSTR1 even we have Nil income Nil return need to be filed . We have one more complicated task here which is verifying GSTR2 if not found as per our GSTR3B input need to follow up with other side vendors who have either missed to file GSTR1 or not bothered to file GST return itself. As per the records published from Government still we are missing 10 lakh plus GST registered dealers not filed GSTR1. 

1.The window to file Return GSTR 2 for the month of July, 2017 has opened and it can be filed till 31st October, 2017. Since this is a new process for the taxpayers, we have prepared a detailed write up on how to prepare and file Form GSTR 2 on GST portal. The supplies made to you by other registered taxpayers must be reflecting in your GSTR-2A, if the GSTR2 filingsuppliers have uploaded the details in their GSTR-1.






2.You need to take following actions on the invoices uploaded by your supplier taxpayers :

  1. Accept ( if invoice details matches with your records)
  2. Reject ( if invoices does not pertain to you)
  3. Modify details like taxable value and tax amount, if there is a difference in the invoice data uploaded by supplier taxpayer. Pl note that you cannot make any change in GSTIN of supplier, invoice number & place of Supply, in the invoice details.
  4. Keep pending ( if material is not received by you in July,2017)

3.In case your supplier has not uploaded an invoice, you may add the same. Details of such invoices will get reflected in Form 1A of respective supplier.

4.There are multiple ways to prepare your GSTR-2 return by working on invoice data uploaded by your supplier taxpayer :

  • If number of invoices for taking actions are few, then you can take these action on the portal itself, after logging in.
  • If number of invoices are large (say more than 100), then you can download these invoices and use offline tool to take these actions on the invoices. Thereafter, you can upload the corrected data on the portal by creating a json file (please use latest offline tool provided on the portal to do this activity).
  • You can also extract these invoices in excel format from the offline tool and take above actions in the excel sheet. You can use the excel sheet data to compare it with your purchase register also. Thereafter you can upload the corrected excel via java tool by creating a json file.

5.Please click on Generate GSTR 2 Summary button at bottom of page for updating of data on the tiles of GSTR 2. You can click PREVIEW button to download the draft Summary of your GSTR-2, for review in pdf format. After review, click submit button. Clicking on Submit will freeze the invoices uploaded in the GSTR-2 for that particular month.

6. Pl file your return after authenticating the same using EVC or DSC.

More details on filing can be found in the Tutorial here


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