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How to generate e-way bill in Karnataka under GST regime ?

We have explained how to get e-way bill login in Karnataka under new GST regime . Once you get the login id and password created next step would be generation of e-way bill.


e-way bill entry

e-way bill entry

eway bill generation


As of now GST number of the receiving party is not validated so kindly check twice before generating e-way bill. Once you generate e-way bill depending on KM it will allocate the time. if you made any error in e-way bill you can cancel e-way bill by entering e-way bill number as generated from system. You can enter the vehicle number or Transporter Name with docket number.

You need to enter items shipped line by line not one single bulk entry. HSN code is mandatory for each line and you need to specify the value of each items shipped along with tax rate. It will calculate the tax amount at the end of each line.

ewaybill with QR code

It looks like above once you enter all details in system and click generate e-way bill.

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