E-Way Bill Registration live in Karnataka

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WELCOME to new e-WAY BILL SYSTEM, A system for hassle free movement of goods throughout the Country with one e-Way Bill

Tax Payers may note that e-SUGAM is being withdrawn from today. Please start using e-Way Bill system

if you try to access http://sugam.kar.nic.in/ getting message as ….

Service Unavailable

HTTP Error 503. The service is unavailable.

ONE TIME REGISTRATION: The GST tax payer can open the web site http://gst.kar.nic.in/ewaybill and select the option ‘E-Way Bill Registration’. Here, the tax payer has to enter his GSTIN and on validation, the system shows him his GSTIN details and request for send OTP. The OTP will be sent to the tax payer’s registered mobile number. After entry and validation of OTP, username and password, the system creates the username and password for the tax payer.

Generation of e-Way Bill: The tax payer after logging in, select the ‘new’ option under ‘Generate EWB’ menu and enter the transaction details as per the document of the goods and enter the transporter details of Vehicle number. After validating all the fields, the system generates the e-Way Bill document with unique Number. It may be noted that the e-Way Bill is not validate without the Vehicle number entry. The vehicle number can be entered by the tax payer or the transporter. The e-way bill can be cancelled within 24 hours by the tax payer. The other party of the goods can reject the e-way bill, if it does not belongs to him.

Features of New e-Way Bill system: The new system facilitates the tax payers to enter his master entries for customers, suppliers, transporters and products. This information will help him in quicker and easier generation of e-way bills later. There are different modes of e-way bill generation – Web based, SMS based, Mobile App based, Bulk generation, API based, Suvidha Provider based. The tax payer can also generate and manage multiple sub-users and assign them the roles on the e-way bill system. The tax payer needs to take care while managing the sub-users to avoid mis-utilisation of his GSTIN.

ONE TIME ENROLMENT FOR GST UNREGISTERED TRANSPORTERS: Unregistered transporter to open web site http://gst.kar.nic.in/ewaybill and go to ‘Enrollment for Transporter’ option. Enter the PAN details, other business details and authenticate with OTP. The OTP will be sent to his mobile number. After entry and validation of OTP, username and password, the system creates the username and password for the transporter.

e-way bill regn in karnataka



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