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Out there, many eyes are lurking in the corner quietly observing, waiting for people to step into their trap so that they cheat and steal something valuable of theirs. Luckily we have good people too who keep an eye on these cheaters and thugs and help the public at large to fight the menace.

Today we are talking about Suhani CForum, a sturdy community of lawyers and social activists who fight the good fight. Suhani CForum helps the victims of various types of frauds like online shopping fraud, recruitment fraud (domestic and international), matrimonial frauds, property fraud and many more to get justice.

A simple google search will show multiple websites filled with thousands of complaints about being cheated by frauds and the helplessness of not knowing what to do next and how to recover their hard earned money. This is just the tip of the iceberg, most victims don’t even talk about getting cheated. Suhani CForum is the support and guidance they are looking for. As an experienced bunch they help and guide the victims on the right legal course and helps them to recover their money. Suhani CForum boasts of hundreds of cases where they have helped victims recover their money from the cheaters in the tunes of lakhs of rupees and also have led shutdown of multiple cheating companies. They are active for more than three years now and keep a track of the frauds happening online and offline.

Mr. Himanshu Nirala, spokesperson of Suhani CForum says “Frauds are of various types like matrimonial (online and offline), recruitment local and offshore, travel frauds, gift frauds, online shopping frauds, the list goes on and on. Though the modus operandi mostly stays the same, they come across as professionals and give lucrative schemes and offers and then cheat the victim monetarily. We help in all above mentioned cases and want to convey that if cheated don’t worry, keep your calm and focus on recovering the money in which we can help you”.

In case you are cheated and need help, reach out to projects@suhanicforum.in and they will surely help you out. cheating


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  1. cosmicsanthosh on

    Suhani c forum is like a life saver for many of those who will be searching for recovering money from these online frauds. I happen to get back my money paid towards app development in Noida and searching for help as I am based in south india. Suhanai C form ..has helped me to get back that money and it would be all most impossible to recover in any other way…

  2. Suhani C forum helped me het my hatd earned money from WWICS a vusa consultant. Without Suhani C forum it would have been impossible to get my money.

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