Migrate to GST note to all Central Excise and Service Tax Registered Assessees

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Migrate to GST note to all Central Excise and Service Tax Registered Assessees:

Benefits to Economy:

To create a unified common national market

To give a boost to foreign investment and ‘Make in India’ initiative

Increased economic activity to generate more employment

Advantage for Trade & Industry: 

  • Reduction in compliance costs – multiple records not required to be maintained for a variety of taxes
  • Greater use of IT will reduce human interface between taxpayer and administration
  • Seamless transfer of input tax credit

Simplified Tax Structure:

  • Single tax to replace multiple levies of Centre and States
  • Uniformity of tax laws & procedures across the Nation
  • Robust IT system for registration, returns, refunds Er tax payments

Simple steps for Migration into GST

  • Log on to aces.gov.in portal by using your existing ACES user ID and password
  • Obtain provisional ID (GSTIN) and password either by clicking on hyperlink displayed in the pop-up intermediary opening page or by navigation through Home page > Menu >REG > Provisional ID for GST
  • Log on to gst.gov.in
  • Create unique username and new password by using provisional ID and password received from ACES website
  • Fill the Enrollment Application in Form 20
  • Submit the Enrolment Form along with necessary documents
  • Please refer to aces.gov.in or www.cbec.gov.in for further details

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