Format for ID and address proof of Gazetted Certificate for pan purpose

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Most of us have issue with changing or applying for new pan using existing address and DOB proof. Name given in ID proof and address proof should be same and should be expanded. If the name is in Initial in proof either in ID proof or Address proof , it will not be accepted as proof. So even if you apply online and submit such documents PAN will not be issued. And you will be asked to get some proof where name should be expanded.

Address proof for pan card

Address proof for pan card

In such case letter from Gazetted officer on their letterhead with seal and sign stating name, full address and DOB will act as Valid ID and Address proof.

                                                                                Format for Gazetted officer for PAN

Many of us would be looking for such fill able format. I here with enclosing such format in fill able PDF for download and use.

Now there is a big waiting for pan .. thanks to Demonetization drive and new debit and credit limit on savings accounts without pan. If you send documents in wrong format you will end up waiting for months together to response as your documents sent for pan applications are not in order. Make sure pan applicant name has to be expanded and same will apply for both ID and address proof.

If any one proof lacks the expansion of last name you need to produce above mentioned letter in original along with application form.

There is one provision to apply for pan using Aadhar but name if not expanded it will not accept for e-sign. You have to manually submit the pan application. For e-sign you should have valid mobile number mapped in aadhar.


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