Cash transactions 2016 : email and Mobile alert from Income tax department?

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Income tax e-filing portal has introduced new tab in the e-filing login with a special tab Cash transactions 2016 as given in the screenshot.

Cash transactions 2016

It will blink and if you click on Cash transactions 2016 it will give details of cash deposits during demonetization window. i.e. after ban of old 500 and Rs.1000 notes . If the department records as per income tax return filed didn’t  match with cash deposits automatic emails will get generated.  This is part of operation clean money and one has option to pay tax by declaring the income and pay taxes.

If you don’t have any such cash deposit during this period you will have the following message:

Not required to submit

This is final note before 31st of March 2017 to pay tax and declare undeclared income . If this period is crossed and department calls for information or notice one will end up paying more than undeclared income and burden of notices and scrutiny from department.

To submit one must have login details to

If the user is new and don’t have login details can create account using their pan details.

If account is already created one can do reset password using following mode:

If you remember secret answer you can provide that and create password. You can also reset password immediately by using existing mapped digital signature or newly obtained pan encrypted digital signature.

One more option will be using mapped Aadhar number where in otp will get generated to your Aadhar registered mobile number and by entering the otp one can reset the password of income tax e-filing login.


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