New process for UAN generation to file EPF return using Unified portal

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The process of UAN generation has been revised and linking is based on following principles

  • The electronic return cum challan will be UAN based with new unified PF portal
  • If the member is the first time employee then the UAN will be generated by the employer  before filing the ECR
  • Employer should also link the existing UAN of the member with the present employment before filing of UAN based ECR
  • Details such as name of member, date of birth, father’s / Husband’s name etc. would be same for all the employments
  • The member details i.e. name of member, date of birth, father’s / Husband’s name etc. would be same for all the employments, since the details would be fetched from UAN database of member
  • The PF number is replaced with UAN for challan generation.
  • Upfront generation of UAN and seeding of KYC by individuals and as a bulk option

Member Joins EPF for the First Time – The employer can get the UAN from the EPFO portal by furnishing the information given by the employee in his declaration form. Employer an submit ECR of the employee once the UAN has been obtained from the portal.

Already a Member – For those who are already the member of the EPF should follow the process given below:

  • Employee furnished the UAN/EPF detail to the employer in the declaration form
  • Employer will thereafter link the present employment with the provided Universal Account Number before filing ECR
  • All the details provided in the UAN will be used in the ECR of the present employment
  • Employer will thereafter be able to remit the dues through ECR for this linked UAN UAN generation new process

UAN Linking Logic-

Individual Registration  –  If an individual registers, an alert message will be shown to employer and his consent will be needed to link the UAN even if there are some discrepancies between the information furnished  for the UAN and that given by the employer. If the employer wants to carry the process ahead then the information furnished will be carried forward and can be changed later through separate functionalities.

Bulk Registration – In case of Bulk registration and “Allowed with Alert”, alert message will be given in the PDF and the advice that if employer approves the pdf files, these entries will be not considered and in case the employer wants to link the UAN in which there are some discrepancies, it is not possible for Bulk registration.

Fresh New Employment – If the employer has declared that the employee is the first time employee, then he will need to make sure that the Aadhar/PAN has been seeded with some UAN. If the same Aadhaar/PAN is already seeded with some UAN, the employer will be prompted that this KYC is already seeded with some UAN and employer has either to provide UAN or register without KYC. However, after registration, the employer can seed same KYC with new UAN.

UAN new registration process

UAN new registration process


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