Process of transferring EPF Account online

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Employee can transfer their EPF account online by following a set process. Transfer of the EPS should be done as soon as an Individual is changing the job. With the advent of Universal Account Number and online Provident Fund transfer methods it has become easier to transfer the PF account. Further, the employee can also withdraw the PF balance without the need of consent from the employer.

Transfer Rules

  • An Individual can transfer the EPF balance from one account to another
  • There is no time limitation set by the authorities for EPF transfer
  • EPF amount can be transferred only to the account of the concerned employee and not to any third person’s account
  • Employee pension scheme will also be transferred when an Individual transfers the EPF
  • One cannot transfer the partial amount from an EPF account to another account
  • Some authentication is needed while transferring the money
  • Details such as father’s name, date of birth are required for transferring the EPF online

Offline Method

An individual will require to fill a physical form and it will be forwarded by the employer to the EPFO. Thereafter, EPFO will send the form to the previous employer. Once, the previous employer receives the form, he will authenticate it and send back to EPFO. EPFO will then transfer the money from previous account to the current EPF account. You should be prepared to wait for sometime because the offline process takes more time compared to online mode.

Form 13 will be required for those who want to fill the EPF online transfer claim physically. The Form will ask for the details of previous employer as well as EPF account number.

Online Method

For quick processing, employee should prefer online method of EPF transfer as there is no need for the physical form. The process will be same as offline but it will take less time to get the approval of the previous employer and fund transfer thereafter.

Criteria to be fulfilled

  • Employee should have Aadhar number and UAN linked


  • Employer should authenticate the Aadhar
  • Personal details of the employee should match with the Aadhar data
  • PAN details and bank account number has been furnished to the EPFO
  • Name, date of birth and Father’s name is mentioned in the EPF account.

Steps for Online Transfer

  • Register as a member on the portal
  • Visit the member portal page and click on ‘Register’
  • Details such as Mobile number, KYC document, document number and email address will be asked
  • After submitting the details OTP will be generated and the same will be sent to the registered mobile number of the employer
  • Registration process is completed after the OTP is entered.

An individual can check the status of the request made online. One can visit the OTCP portal, login and check the status. If this page is not accessible then you can check the status through EPF status check facility of EPFO. In case you are not satisfied with the results shown in both the pages, visit EPF grievance portal.


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