Activation Process Of Universal Account Number And Its Benefits

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Universal Account Number has been provided to every member who is contributing to the fund. Employers are now enabled to download the list of UAN numbers and give it to their employees. Employer can get the list from the Employer UAN portal. Under this scheme, members will be able to submit the claim  online.

Process Of UAN Activation

There are few steps that a member will need to follow to activate UAN Number and start transferring the payment online.

  1. Before starting with the registration process, keep your universal account number and EPF number handy.
  2. First of all
  3. Visit
  4. There will be two tabs one at the bottom of the page ‘Activate You UAN based registration’ and second on the right hand side asking the same.

4. You need to check the box where it is writer that, ‘I have read and understood the instructions’

5. Thereafter the website will take the member to next page where Universal Account Number and EPF number is to be entered. It is a compulsory drill to enter both the credentials.

6. After filling all the details required, you will need to fill the characters in the tab and then click on ‘Get Pin’

7. Thereafter, a PIN will be sent on the registered mobile number. Click ‘Submit’ after entering the Pin in the box.

8. Thereafter, a page will appear that will ask the user to Create ‘Username’ and ‘Password’

9. This will complete the activation process and login page will appear asking member to fill following information

10. Once the member enters all the information asked, he will land on the UAN home page.

Features of UAN Number

  • Every employee will be given one UAN number
  • Irrespective of the job change, UAN number will remain the same
  • A registered member can change as many jobs as he wants, EPF account will remain intact
  • UAN number will be linked with the identity
  • In order to authenticate the UAN number KYC details are used
  • UAN is issued by the EPFO portal and same is conveyed to the members by the Employer.

Benefit of UAN Number registration

  1. There are various benefits that UAN member enjoys. All the PF accounts can be linked at one place and there is no need to track different accounts.
  2. Online transfer has become easier after the UAN number is provided to all the employees
  3. Balance in different accounts can be transferred into one
  4. If a member has linked the Aadhar with the UAN, he will be able to withdraw the PF without the signature of the employee
  5. It is no more in the hand of employer to withhold the EPF of any employee
  6. An EPF member can check and download the EPF passbook anytime
  7. An UAN member can apply for loan on the basis of his PF account
  8. It has now become possible to update the personal information online easily. Hence if there are some changes in the details, same can be update by the member himself
  9. once, the mobile number is registered, a monthly SMS update will be sent on the number. Therefore this will enable the employee to track if the company is depositing amount in time.

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