How To Take Service Of Tax Return Prepares For Filing Income Tax Return ?

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Tax return preparers are appointed under the TRP scheme and they help the small tax payers to file the return. Filing tax return is not an easy job for those who are doing it for the first time. Therefore, Government has taken the initiative of appointing TRPs. Tax return Preparers are given proper training to file Income tax return.

On the behalf of assessee, Tax return preparer prepares the Income Tax return. Income tax return is then submitted to the assessing officer. TRP gives copy of tax return prepared and acknowledgement of filing returns to the assessee.

Process Of Locating TRP

  1. An Individual can visit the website . On the right hand corner of the website, there will be tab asking- Are You a tax payer?



2. You have to click on the blue tab if you are a tax payer. There will be four options within the tab:

  • Locate TRPs
  • Register for Home Visit
  • Online Tax help
  • Tax calculator

Select the option that you want to exercise.

3. On selecting ‘Locate TRP’, the website will take the individual to next page which will appear like this



  • There will be four spaces needed to be filled. In the State column, fill the name of the state that you are in.
  • In the city column, respective city is to be mentioned.
  • In the PINCODE column, respective code will go in
  • The last two column ‘TRPs Name’ and ‘Enter Keyword’ can be left blank
  • Press Search button

4. Once the search button is pressed, name of all the TRPs will be displayed. Along with the names, TRP IDs and mobile numbers will also be mentioned

There are other options for the tax payer who want to file Income Tax return. One option is registering for home visit, wherein a form needs to be filled. Basic information such as Name, email ID, Phone number, preferred time, date and so on is asked. After filling all the information, submit button is clicked.

Another option is Online Tax help where an Individual can ask the questions related to Income tax return.

How Much TRPs Charge?

Government offers the incentive to Tax return preparers for every Income Tax return filled by them. A TRP will get incentive of 3% of the income tax paid on the income tax declared assessee is filing the return for the first time. This incentive is given to the TRP from the Income Tax Department. Likewise, in the subsequent second and third years of the filing, TRP will get 2% and 1% of the return.


When a Tax return preparer helps the assessee in filing the income tax return then it is important that the details of TRP such as identification, name and counter signature of the TRP and number should be there in the TRP form. It is also recommended for the individual who is taking service of the Tax return preparer for the first time to go through the Duties and Obligations of TRPs which is mentioned in a tab ‘About TRPs’.

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