Digital signature and GST registration

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1.Access the URL. The GST Home page is displayed.

2. Click the EXISTING USER LOGIN button.


Get ready for GST registration



Login using your user name and password


Click on register Digital signature : Looking for Digital signature visit


Download Digital signer and upload DSC of authorized signatory


Thanks for submission


In case of Private limited companies and LLP Digital signature is mandatory: Looking for Digital signature call @09902977233

dsc-for-regn-of-gst4 dsc-for-regn-of-gst5 dsc-for-regn-of-gst6


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  1. Simple in 3 clicks and easy solution for “Failed to establish connection to the server . kindly restart the emsigner”

    for firefox browser and chrome browser .

    See this video to resolve the problem.

    But you should close and restart the browser once after applying url

    also close User account (windows) and logon to Administrator account (windows)

    see this link to solve.

    That’s it


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