Notice on Construction of buildings at the edge of Lakes and Rajkaluves

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The National green tribunal in its judgment given on 04-05-2016 has ordered competent authorities to give permission to construct the buildings only after confirming a buffer zone of 75 mtrs from edge of the lake. Further, it has ordered to give the approval for construction by maintaining a buffer zone of 50 mtrs, 35 mtrs and 25 mtrs for different categories of rajakaluve like primary drains, secondary drains and tertiary drains respectively from the edge of their boundaries.

            It is unfortunately that following heavy rain in Bengaluru, many buildings/residents complexes were surrounded by water causing havoc amongst the residents. Unauthorized construction of building at the edge of rajakaluves and near lake areas is the reason behind this exacerbation. In view of this, BBMP has considered unauthorized construction of Building at the edge of rajakaluves and lake as a very serious issue and is taking all the necessary measure to take action against such unauthorized construction.

            Therefore, from now onwards, before carrying out any building construction activities, approval has to be taken from the competent authorities and such works should be carried out maintaini9ng a buffer zone as specified above. People intending to buy properties should make sure that the said buffer is maintained before making purchase. This public notice is issued to inform the public that, if anybody fails to adhere to the above instructions, BBMP will not be responsible for any casualties or accidents that mat happen.




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