Affidavit for applying DIN | Director identification number affidavit format

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The Government of India new initiative of ease of doing business in India has been a remarkable achievement specially inviting foreign countries to do business and bring in foreign direct investment.
First step to start a company in India is obtaining Director Identification number or DIN . One must have PAN number and any address proof which will be verified in form DIR 3 . One can download the latest form for DIN from MCA website and fill in needed details.
Format for Affidavit download : 
One must attach An Affidavit [Pursuant to section 153 and rule 9(3)(a)(iv) of Companies (Appointment and Qualification of Directors) Rules, 2014] in Rs.20 stamp paper duly notarized. This is needed in scanned form.
Along with PAN and Address proof and Scanned copy of passport size photo and class 2 digital signature.
Once it is digitally signed by applicant it has to be counter signed by CA or CS or CWA or Director of any company where the proposed director will become part of the company.
Once filled and duly signed by both it has to be e-filed to get DIN number instantly.

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